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  1. Thanks! I just checked, and my bandwith is pretty low actually. It's at it's lowest in 1000. :-/
  2. How do I check bandwith in Firestorm? I want to see if lowering it makes the problem go away like sugested in the link you gave me. I've tried before "logging off and back on immediately" and I tried it again and it doesn't ever work for me.
  3. Sorry, I forgot to mention that I use iMAC and my firewall is always deactivated. Besided, if firewall were the problem woudn't I never be able to use voice chat? It does work sometimes. I miss out on too many SL voice chat based classes every singe week because this problem doesn't allow me to hear other people's voice chat nor speak. I check configuration all the time. My audio devices work just fine when I use skype and I hear any other sounds that come from SL, like media, streaming and gestures. Someone please help me figure this out!!!!
  4. I've been a resident since 2007 and this year I've been having problems with this: Sometimes I get the voice to work when I go to preferences > Sound & Media and check and uncheck the Voice Chat box many times till the voice works. This can take up to 30 min. Sometimes not even that works. Sometimes I'm lucky and the voice works when I log in but mostly it doesn't. I just increased my internet connection to 10MB and nothing changed. I changed viewers from V2 to phoenix and that didn't help either. I've seen some other people have this issue aswell. This is increadibly annoying. Please, could someone look into this problem? I use iMAC and my firewall is always deactivated.
  5. I've tried uploading a picture inworld and through secondlife.com and in both cases I also get the same error message AccessDeniedInvalid according to Policy: Policy Condition failed: ["eq", "$Content-Type", "image/png"]31C0416552B444A4N+dlQ06Nsj6XMb7005BNA3+TJqfAfdVNbbZrNxmNF51SHDskagPBSZJn6xb4o9Ey This is really annoying. I uploaded the image cause I though I had to upload it first and then drag it to my profile like we used to do. Now it seems I'll have to upload yet again because I discovered that we're supposed to upload from the profile editor. It will cost me L$20 instread of L$10. I would like to know if there's anything else I should know. Such as, are the profile pictures now supposed to be square or are they still 4x3? Can I crop them after uploading or do I have to do that before hand, like it used to be?
  6. I've had this problem for over a month. I want an answer too! This is very frustrating and I had no luck changing viewers.
  7. I've had the same problem for over a month and no one here seemed to help me with an answer. I'm on one person network. Sometimes it works, but most of the time it doesn`t and a message appears "We're having trouble connecting to your voice server". When it works and I teleport somewhere else, also voice enabled, the voice server drops too.
  8. Ever since I upgraded my viewer 2 I can't seem to use speak nor hear people speaking in regions where voice chat is allowed. When I log in, there's a message that says there there's a problem with these things in my viewer and gives a link, but the link doesn't lead to anywhere, it just says Forbidden. I use MAC OS and my connection is DSL 3MB although the speed test marked 1.17MB, but I set my bandwidth to 100 kbps in the network configuration. My voice chat is enabled, my volume is up to the fullest... Everything is enabled in sound and media. I can hear the sounds that objects and avatars make and I can hear the music stream. On rare occasions the speak/voice chat works, but as soon as I log in again it's gone. So please, could anyone shed some light? Thanks The message that appears to me when I log in: We`re having trouble connecting to your voice server https://www.bhr.vivox.com/api2/ :UDP: 3478, 3479, 5060, 5062, 12000-17000 Voice communications will not be available. Please check your network and firewall setup.
  9. Luc, it seems like your tip helped! Thank you! I'm a MAC user and I had the same problem. Seems like it's running ok now.
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