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  1. I feel bad that I never responded to all the people that posted here. I started to several times but then I'd get this strange Immy feeling and I had to stop.
  2. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: First I should admit I'm a little OCD regarding posting in the wrong forum n stuff like that. But after some time away at Hyber Nation I came back and saw that stuff was all over the place. Pretty much everything was posted to General Discussion. Like no one cared. So I stopped RICing. That's not my gripe. Now there's this bot re-post thing going on. Some residents are spotting them and responding that it's a bot post n there's the funny image by Ceka. Other residents are responding like it's a new topic. The odd thing is they stay on the forum. Okay, now I know why I'm not RICing this stuff. It's a self control exercise. What's up with the rest of you? That's my gripe of the day. Yes, I'm griping you residents. Not griping about the forums. This isn't forum feedback. (OMG - dats one pathetic gripe u got there Qwal) I've been thinking awhile how to say this gently. First let me congratulate you on your efforts to control your OCD. Setting goals for yourself should help you be objective about how well you're coping. Perhaps stopping your RICing cold turkey is a little overboard for you at this time. Maybe you have stopped RICing directly. However, through this thread, you're attempting to have the same RIC occur via surrogates. If you're successful how is that really different from RICing on your own? Maybe it would be better to back off and allow yourself a few RICs a week until you're feeling stronger.
  3. You have to get more land. Prims come from land, not tier. Land with the same owner in the same region has a combined prim allowance. You can place the prims where you want as long as you stay within the combined total. (Torley has an example in one of his videos about that... I don't remember which one) Land in two different regions can't be used the same way. You'd have a number of prims for each region. You could distribute those as you liked over whatever number of parcels you owned in each region. (edited to say that Knowl has it covered)
  4. Put some life back into your finances with quote*** from us with a great rate on a second mortgage. *** To obtain a formal quote we require your permission to access your credit history and property details.
  5. Or here where your privacy settings have no effect: http://world.secondlife.com/resident/3aada052-a0f1-4ecd-9548-0dd5fe9743f5
  6. I never use voice to speak. Sometimes I listen but only with headphones. Because I'm in a house with people who don't want to listen to screamed obscenities. I do have a gesture though which plays a little of a song.
  7. There was a show, on the radio maybe, called the shadow. That was analog though.
  8. I made a gesture that plays some of that song. I guess I came here to confess. Well, to talk about my lifesyle. I just come in world and play that gesture. Then I leave. It's not much of a life I suppose. .... Oh, I also made a wearable prim that plays some of that song... over and over. It's almost the same thing... same lifestyle for sure.
  9. if you had done a search for 'profile SSL error' you'd find this question being answered back on Jan 20. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/SSL-handshake-failed/qaq-p/698832 no one uses search anymore.
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