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  1. Hello world. I know I posted my heartache that I had went through with my ex partner for him being gone. I know sometimes there comes a day they might show up. Well he did. I found out the reason and I'm just totally stunned. I was in shock for the day. I felt so much better for knowing the real reason behind it. I'm glad I know now. So we got to talk about things and we did rekindle some things. I know we usually give someone second chances but I think third time is a charm. The love I had for him no one could understand for what we have. You can't break a bond that has been there for quite s
  2. Actually to tell you all what is going now. I did move on and I'm still coping with my ex partner being gone. I been very emotional in the last 5 months and just recently I decided to take a month off SL. so I can regroup on things and I did but I missed going in SL for awhile. I wanted to be there so bad but it was the resisting of going in. I did uninstall SL that way I can get myself to not be there as much as i use to because I kept waiting for my ex to return but I know he's not going to come back and he does worry me a little bit because I keep wondering if he is alright or not. It does
  3. Yes that can be true. but you just made it sound like for what I was going rhough in a bad way. I formed a lot of great close friendships in over time. I know they can use alts to excape on what kind of relatilonship there is. I do see where your coming in this but life as we live it or see it. Isn't all as nice as pies. Did you or have been through the same senario like I have? or Did you not just want to try to make it work out? if a certain person does come back in time. What would scare you the most if they are back? What do you think might will happen? Will you take them back? or Will y
  4. All I am going to say is that. I never had a problem with my ex partner. We always had a nice long talk. He knew what I was up to and I knew what he was up to. I don't think he would had ran or disappeared from me because he would had told me before anything else happened. I can see of of your points and everything else. If something had happened. He would had came in and wrote to me on what happened. He chose not to do that. I wrote and wrote and wrote. I always left a message on why did you leave? Like I said earlier. He could have told me on what he was feeling but did I even get that. NO!
  5. Well everything that you all said could be true but I did start thinking of 4 conclusions of his disappearing. I just didn't think it was right for him to disappear and not tell me that he was going to leave and not come back or I wouldn't be feeling this way or taking the break off myself. I've been in SL to long to keep going but he chose not to tell me and I keep wondering and sitting here on thinking on "Does he know how much he hurt me after he left and never came back?" I wouldn't be like this if he could had just have told me and I would had understand and not leave SL for awhile. Every
  6. Over the past 2 years of being in SL. I learned a lot from being a long relationship that I was in. I gave someone one year and 3 months of being partnered. Until all of a sudden they just up and leave and disappeared and hasn't returned since then. I was waiting around for a long time and still nothing. So I started to see other people for awhile and everything. I still had no hope for having a nice relationship and since I ended the partnering again on April 2nd of 2011 again. I was on the prowl for a new beau. Not working. I'm trying to recover from a shattered heart and just crush. So I de
  7. I'm having problems to where I can't get a few groups to be shown in proflie. I did hide them at first but then now I can't get them go back so where others can see them. Is there any other way to make them noticeable than having to rejoin the group/
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