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  1. This seems more like what you would say if you were a certain cretinous world leader to deflect and ‘punch back’: “Well, I may be silly, but you are covered in creepy hairy things!”
  2. And then some of us out our photos in zero groups, ‘cause we are just doing it for ourselves, and if they get zero likes, they get zero likes. 😁
  3. Ah, thanks, I had tried going there, but cannot get in until I have more posts. At least now I know.
  4. Too bad we can't have the social environment from back then and the goddess-like avis we have now, but life seems to work according to the Law of Conservation of Good Stuff. Reminds me of Joni Mitchell's Both Sides now...~
  5. Sorry, I probably did not explain that very well. Yes, from what I have seen in the Forums, people who participate are very different in many, many ways (witness the contentiousness that arises in most threads, reminds me of the 'Tastes Great!"/"Less Filling!" beer commercials, lol), and fall into very different cohorts inworld. But I feel they are non-representative of (and this is what I was trying to avoid saying in the first place) the 'average' or 'general' or 'typical' resident. As I mentioned above, I have never run into anyone in SL who I see in the Forums, and have known anyone inworld who even mentioned them. Honestly, I did not even know the Forums existed until a few months ago, which probably says something about me, but also I think perhaps indicates that the Forum is not important at all to at least the variety of people I have met inworld over the last 12 years. I have known a few people who keep up with SL changes, mostly creators and land owners, but never heard anyone mention the Forums. Just to show you how clueless I am, though, I also only recently discovered that Flickr was a big deal for SL photographers, or really that people even put a lot of time into taking SL photographs (or, 'snapshots,' as one person prefers ). Hope this helps... Carol
  6. It's really great to see someone who comes to the Forum doing research to actually engage with the people who respond, and in such a sweet and caring way.🤗
  7. Oh, wow, what I learned this week is that there is an Adult Content forum!!!!! Thanks!
  8. I like this model, it fits my relationship to SL better than anything I have seen so far in the thread. I came into SL in August of 2007, but definitely don't feel like an Oldie. I am always looking for something new and interesting, and at that time there were enough press on SL that I heard of it, and thought it was interesting. I had never been involved with anything like that before, and immediately loved it. However, although I care about other people, and love to help people, I don't much care about communities or organizations and really have done absolutely nothing to support or enrich SL beyond participating in the economy and donating to sims I like. When I came in, I could buy anything I wanted (a big change in my SL experience was when I found you could use RL funds to buy Lindens, lol). I rarely made anything at all, and when I did it was something very, very simple, like a cube the size of my head to do proportioning of my avi. I have learned slightly more lately, but very slightly. To me, the real Oldies are the people who had to (I think) even make their avis, and certainly had to create a lot of what they used. I seem to recall someone telling me that people *had* to do a lot of scripting in the early years just to function (I had a partner who had been around almost from the beginning, and she told me a bit). When I came in, a lot of other people were also hearing about SL, and it was a boom time for SL. I try to STFU about it these days, and have finally moved on, but SL was very, very different then, and for me, better. I would even the beautiful avis we can make now for the environment we had back then. But anyway, I see myself as being in the Early Majority, not as an Early Adopter. When I got here, a lot of other people were already here. Wrt history, I guess I am a bad person, as I never really cared about the aspects of SL from before I came in, or those unrelated to my interests after I joined. I just focused on what I liked to do, and did not care about SL beyond that. Honestly, I still don't that much, other than I worry about SL dying off. For quite a long time, I didn't much care, as SL was mostly dead for me anyhow, but now I have found some things I enjoy, and would hate to see SL disappear. One last thing, I wonder if the people in the Forum are a different sort than people who don't participate here? I only joined the Forum a few months ago, and only to find out about the whole Bellissaria mess. I don't know anyone in SL who uses the Forum, they just do stuff in SL. OTOH, many people in the Forum have been involved with some sort of forum as long as they have been in SL, and have more of a history with and interest in the broader aspects of SL. So I wonder if this is a very different cohort than most other SL residents fall into. FWIW
  9. I am glad I was not drinking anything when I read that...
  10. Quite the narcissistic, manipulative, destructive force, lol. But a fascinating, charming character, for sure.
  11. Have you read it? I shook my head a lot while reading it, but it was a good read.
  12. I know quite a few people in SL who have disabilities to various degrees and use SL to enable them to interact with other people and to have experiences they cannot have IRL. The disabilities range from deafness to limitations of physical mobility to emotional and psychological disabilities. I am not one of those people, so I cannot contribute directly to your project, but I can tell you there are a lot of people with disabilities to whom SL is vitally important. Unfortunately, the vast majority of SL residents do not use the Forum, including all the people I know who have disabilities. I think you might have to go inworld to find people, which (like finding anything else of interest in SL) will likely be low-yield and very time consuming. Sounds like you got a couple of good leads upthread, though. I also know quite a few who live a life here they cannot IRL not related to disabilities, but more related to social acceptance of their expression of their true selves (or even just to explore a side of themselves without the heavy risks and consequences they would fave IRL) or a lack of a social network IRL. This is different from what you are asking about, but serves a very important outlet for a lot of people. One last thing, it kind of blows my mind that any 24-year-old would have a hotmail account...
  13. I have a last name, and I can see the appeal. Really, my last name no longer fits me at all, and I would like a new one. I picked the one I have a very long time ago, and it worked with what I thought I wanted to be in SL (sorta fae), but I left that all behind long ago. What I would really love, and what isn't going to happen, is being able to pick a custom new last name. I even settle for being able to have a display name that is used everywhere except for my account, but that isn't happening either. So I guess I will see what new names are on offer, and how much it costs, and go from there.
  14. I too know several people who use Lumiya on their phones for most of their SL experience. As you say, having a massive computer and monitor is best, but some of these people are disabled, and either cannot afford a nice computer, or cannot sit in front of one for extended periods, or both. Sure, they miss out on a lot, but these people are mostly in SL for the social interactions (for some of them, this is about all the social interaction they have), and having a phone client means a lot to them. When I was a Host, and when I did a lot of communication for my clan, I used Lumiya a lot at work (I cannot even get onto the SL website on my work computer, much less inworld). Unfortunately, it seems Lumiya is no longer supported, and of course it is not available on iOS. This is totally different from the topic of making a mobile client that has nice graphics and is good enough to interest young people, but having something basic like Lumiya for Android and iOS doesn't seem like it would take that many resources, and it keeps a certain segment of SL residents engaged. Oh, and funny you mention websites not having mobile versions: SL doesn't, and if I have to log into SL on my phone, it is a nightmare. That and the horrible Search engine inworld just blow my mind, considering LL is supposed to be a cutting-edge tech company, and is totally an online experience. ~
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