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  1. That is great, I am very happy for you! (Really, not sarcasm, have to clarify that online, lol) Unfortunately, noone I knew in my first two years in SL, which were my happiest times, is in SL anymore, and only two that I met in my third, and last, club 'home,' are still in SL. One of them I still talk to a bit, but the other only rarely. And neither of them has been able to find any clubs that come close to replacing the club where we met, and that we saw as home, either in terms of music or atmosphere. I guess I was just lucky to get in SL when I did, and to have 2-3 wonderful years. But that SL has long been dead and gone, and I guess I am too picky and narrow (and rigid?) to find anything that really engages me anymore. I *have* tried, though, and continue to try, but with no success.
  2. I am in Eastern Time in the US. I think we may just have different taste in clubs. Hopefully you are still able to find ones you like! But yes, Hi! I feel I kind of know you a little from reading your posts in the forum (I read a lot more than I post).
  3. Mmmm, I dunno, if you were 'like me,' I kinda of think I might of run into you sometime over the last 12 years? Maybe you meant 'people who have been in SL since then'? Or perhaps we are on opposite ends of the time zones, which is something that makes SL interesting and frustrating at the same time (makes it really hard for partners, or if like me, you like music that is more liked by people in Europe than in the US).
  4. I never cared about building, still don't. It was all about the social environment for me. I had a lot more fun back when I had a heavily modified Ruth than I do now with a mesh body and clothes. SL sort of tamed a long time ago and got boring, for me at least (I know a lot of people are really into the current SL). But the clubs like I loved are not coming back. I think perhaps I have just aged out of SL, all the other people like me who populated SL back in the day have left. So yeah, all we would get back is something with less polished graphics (though they were fine for me) and not the wild and fun place that SL was back in the late 2000-aughts.
  5. Sure, give me back my clubs and friends and the wild, open atmosphere and I am there! Sure, things didn't look as pretty, but lag was no worse, and I had far more fun back then.
  6. Oh, I agree with all that. I just don't see LL as fast learners or as particularly competent, especially at marketing and customer relations. I hope you get what you wish for! Though as always with LL, 'later this year' for the changes to Premium may take years to actually happen, if ever.
  7. How easy would it be for LL to do that based on users? Wouldn't that be related to the bodies themselves? (I have to say I know almost nothing about the technical aspects of SL.!) I already find it extremely disorienting to land someplace and be confronted with naked people waving their clothes around in the air. The enormous floating disembodied heads are the worst, though.
  8. Looks like your question got answered. If not, ask some more! I am just guessing, but I feel that the addition of Super Duper Premium is not going to be the only change. I got the impression (again, I have no explicit support for this!) that the current Premium level was going to change. I would guess if they downgrade it, especially for people currently on Premium, there would be a lot of complaining, but LL consistently seems to be clueless about such things. I may be wrong, but I feel in the long term the two Premium levels will be below and above the current one, rather than the current one and something above it. But again, that might be hard for them to pull off.
  9. I was more assuming 'limit increases' would be more groups, more IMs, and so forth, not something as important as prim and mesh sizes or number of attachment points.
  10. I don't think that adding my opinion really makes any difference in anything, but FWIW, the two biggest factors for my interest in SL were social interactions and dancing to music I loved. When I first came to SL, I almost immediately found clubs that provided both, and formed bonds with the clubs and a lot of people. Unfortunately, the clubs all died and the people all left, I have been unable to find places to replace them. The clubs that exist now that have music I like are completely non-social; at my old clubs, people interacted lot in open chat. Now, everything happens in IMs between people who don't even look at chat. And that makes it hard to meet new people. It doesn't help that most of the clubs with music I like are mostly frequently by people in Europe, so the times are all wrong for me. I have left SL for long periods several time over the last few years. I come back occasionally and try to connect, but it has not really worked out. I joined Bloodlines and have gone through two or three clans. The one I really loved fell apart and died, and in spite of me spending a lot of time and money, I have never formed any long term friendships there. I regularly search for clubs and other places, and don't really find much I like (the Search function is horrid, that doesn't help, either). Of course, the problem is really me, I know a lot of people have been in SL and still enjoy it and make friends. Me, I miss the old days, SL was soooo different back then, there were a lot more people and places that fit with me. I know most people love the changes, the introduction of mesh and all that. For me, though, I would go back to the less visually attractive SL that had places I liked and people I loved. Honestly, I have never had any interest in the technical side, or in building or selling. I learn new stuff only when I absolutely have to. I just want to come hang out and dance and interact with people. That is what drew me here in the first place, and the off chance of finding that again is what keeps me here. Maybe some other people join SL for the same reason (there were a lot of us like that long ago), and for them perhaps the biggest draw and the best way to keep them engaged would be for SL to do a far, far better job with the Destination Guide and Search so people can actually get engaged quickly. Of course, for that to work, you need places that are friendly and open instead of quiet and cliquey, and that might be the harder part. The continuing lag doesn't help either. Any time I go to a club with more than a few people, the visual experience degrades to almost nothing. I am not sure what mesh bodies and heads gain us when the system can't keep up.
  11. One addition: Though they are extremely expensive (or at least all the ones I have seen are), you can buy plots in a couple of regions that have double prims, so for a 1024 plot you 700 'LI' (Land Impact, the total number of prims you can have) instead of 350. Personally, I got into Premium because I wanted one of the new houseboats. Unfortunately, in the announcement they did not have a disclaimer that the houseboats and new houses would be essentially unavailable for months due to demand, you had to have kept up with the forum years ago when they released the first batch to know this would happen. But the odds of getting a new Linden Home are low, and will be for a long time. It worked out well for me, though, as I bought a plot I love and put my own house on it. It took a fair amount of time and money, but in the end I like it far better than where I was renting, and it is cheaper in the end: You get 300 lindens a week stipend, so I don't have to buy as many as I used to (I spend a fair amount in SL, mostly tips at clubs), and the difference between that and what I paid for rent is a net gain. I only paid I think 5000L for my plot, which paid for itself in three months versus rent. Of course, right after they sucked me (and I am sure others) into Premium with the lure of the new homes, they raised the price of Premium, lol. Then they allowed us to add a year at the old price, which I did, so I don't have to worry about my home for almost two years. If I don't log in for months, I don't have to worry about my rent running out. A second of course, it being LL, there is another gotcha, they are going to make changes to Premium soon. I am glad I went with Premium but to me LL seems to always find a way to deflate anything they do that I find positive.
  12. Wrt clothing being a draw: Fashion is far cheaper in SL than IRL. And I can only speak for myself, but a big draw of SL (and I realize this is shallow and can be seen as massive insecurity) is that I can look the way I want, and find clothes I love that look great on me. I have to say, though, while the mesh bodies look far, far better than the standard ones, I find it far, far harder to find clothes I like that work with my shape. I am not into the large breasts and butt, and also not into most of the clothes that others seem to be (I am more Goth than anything else), and I find my choices frustratingly limited.
  13. Yes, now I recall you mentioning that people twist your profile into the opposite of what you intended. I wonder if some of that is really disingenuous though: they know what you meant, but twist specific things against you, prosecutor style. I agree that the 'challenge' aspect, the gamesmanship of 'scoring' might be part of it, too, though. I didn't even think of the porn angle, lol. I am sure you know the saying that when men see two women together their reaction is either 'ewwwww' or 'can I join?"~ I have always thought that most of the women in mainstream lesbian porn were probably str8, really. They are just acting, and the script is written by str8 men for str8 men. There are a few actual lesbian porn sites written by women for women, with gay actors/participants, with a far wider range of gender expression. But sorry, I wander OT as I am wont to do, lol. In the end, I do agree that porn can have a big impact on how people approach each each other, along with other cultural factors and gender expectations, as people have been discussing. I just don't really think of it that much, not really being into porn very much.
  14. So, bringing up something that has been hit in passing a couple of times, and hopefully get a bit back on respectful behaviors, something that I never understand is initiating interaction with someone without reading that person's profile. In my case, the very first word in my profile is 'Lesbian.' That is as far as a guy would need to get to know I am not interested. Fortunately I am not often at places with men, but if I go to such places I not infrequently get hit on. Then, if I tell them I am gay, and not interested, they get mad at *me.* Of course, perhaps some men do read my profile, and I get that kind of IM less because of that, but still. Other than a polite, "Hi, how are you?' when I need to ask someone something (and usually even then), if I am going to talk to someone, I read their profile first to try to get a sense of their personality. I feel this falls in line with no assuming whatever about people, and instead spending at least a few minutes to get to know them a little and see where they are coming from.
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