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  1. Nalates, I have no idea what that is or how it works, lol. But I will look into it, thanks!
  2. Hi Alyona, I *have* read that thread! It was very informative and I learned a lot from it, thanks! I just was confused about some posing stuff.
  3. That is a great idea! For sure my desktop will run two instances of FS, and that is where I take photos I care about anyhow. Also, I can take my laptop down by me desktop and use two computers, if I want. Thanks for the button! I saw that in the Toolbar Buttons list, but did not know what it was. It looked like some kind of video camera by the icon. Thanks again for all your help!
  4. THANK YOU!!!! I think this is what what I needed. I saw this in a tutorial I can no longer find, but could not find it in FS. I thought it was under Phototools, and could not find it there (because it is somewhere else, lol). Thanks so much to everyone for your help!!!! Caerolle 😊
  5. Actually, I guess my camera stays where it is, but when I try to move my avi slightly with the move controls, she turns completely around to face the other way. Then I have to turn her back the right direction, which moves the camera behind her, which is now the opposite side of where I want it, so I have to move it back. And every time I want to move her a little bit I go through that again.
  6. What I really want is my camera to stay where it is and my avi to just move while still facing the camera. Sounds like that is not possible without using a pose stand and moving that? So you have to let your avi move and reset the camera, then move the camera back, like I have been doing. Extremely tedious. Le sighe... Thanks for your help! I guess it just can't be as simple as I want.
  7. Wow, Chic, you are a Goddess! Thanks for squeezing so much into that post, and taking the time to do it! 😁 I do use the Alt key to center camera movement on myself, and sometimes Ctrl even lets me do that without zooming (btw, I use Firestorrm). The last couple of days I am tending to use either Ctrl 9/0 to move in and out or Angle of View, though. Here is the problem I have, though, and I assume I must be doing something wrong since it works for you but not me: So, I move my camera so that I am facing it. Then, if I use the move control arrow to turn my avi, my avi turns completely around so the camera is behind me again. Same if I try to nudge myself to the left or the right. So, I have to guess at where my avi should be, then get my camera back where I want it, and go through the whole thing again. Am I missing some setting somewhere, maybe? Or just completely misunderstanding something? Sorry to be so dense... 😕 Thanks for your help! I am sorry if I am not understanding something in your thorough explanation... Caerolle
  8. Hmm, somehow I thought the pose HUDs allowed you to move your avatar without messing up your camera position. But then I know pretty much nothing about them. Compositing is certainly an approach. I guess you must shoot yourself against a green screen or something that allows you to select it easily for the compositing? If you don't make a composite, but shoot yourself in the scene at the location, are you just really practiced at getting your avi the right place before you move your camera, or do you just redo your camera position if you need to move your avi into a better position? That really tests my patience, lol. I wish there was a way to move your avi without it repositioning your camera. Edit and moving a pose stand is the only way I know to do that, though... Black Dragon scares me, lol. It sounds really intimidating, but maybe I should give it a try. Thanks for your help!
  9. So, I an trying to learn SL photography, and the part I am struggling with the most is positioning myself without losing my camera position. I have googled a lot, and found some stuff that is helpful, but am still confused. I most likely have missed some important tutorials. People seem to use pose stands to position themselves or other models, and I have run across pose HUDs supposedly for use in places you cannot rez a pose stand. Of course, SL being SL, the MP is full of both stands and HUDs. My problem is choosing the ones to get. Some have a lot of positive reviews, so seem like good choices, but I worry about missing 'the best one,' lol. Any suggestions? Also, what do people actually do when they go to places they cannot rez a pose stand? Do they use the pose HUDs? Or is there some other way to position yourself where you need to be while looking at the scene from the more-or-less target camera angle? Sorry if all this has been covered before. I did find bits and pieces, but am still somewhat confused, and get massively frusturated (neologism, sorry) trying to line things up in SL. Photography is so much easier in RL, if far more expensive. Thanks! Caerolle
  10. Scylla is far too modest. On Flickr, as usual, she has written accompanying text that expands and deepens the meaning of the photo. I realize this forum is just for posting pics, so hopefully it is ok to post a link the Flickr of this for people who want to explore the context of this image, or that of the many other images in her photostream (most or all of which I would guess she posts here): https://www.flickr.com/photos/144085527@N07/48660303896/in/dateposted/
  11. It may not be just you, but it certainly isn't me. I like the conversations and the context of reposting photos with comments, personally. However, if that is all frowned on here, I can certainly just post pics (or not) and STFU. Either is fine with me, I mostly just lurk anyhow. I do love the looks people post, so many are amazing, and I love the personality shown in them. Perhaps some forum rules would be nice, or a link to whichever of the 800-some-odd pages that covers them would be helpful for new people like me who don't know the culture and norms here, and who are too lazy to read all 800-some-odd (I did read the first few, before I first posted in this thread to see what the context was, but did not see any such rules or norms). -Caer
  12. Yes, am also looking for a good undercut to go with my new ‘edgy tattooed girl’ look, lol. I am dreading that effort too! Maybe I should start a new thread on tips for finding stuff in SL in general, and for specific items...
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