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  1. Yes, some people love that stuff, and take pride in having built their own system. I am not one of those people, lol, and have little patience with electronic stuff.
  2. You said it fine, and everything else far better, as I am trying to just let you and Amina respond, as my responses would likely be far less reasoned and measured.~
  3. Well, I also have stood on the sidelines of this, and another 'what about the menz????' thread (mostly in that one, not entirely, like 1-2 posts early on, perhaps), and have my own take on both. I will keep that to myself, but I am curious on how you feel about the responses men have made to this this thread in particular? And how (or even if) you feel women's responses might be related those kinds of statements by men?
  4. Interesting. Including a decent (not 4K) 27" monitor, an inexpensive keyboard and mouse, and of course Windows 10 (Home only). I came up with almost $2900. And their top-end build, with the same i9, but 32GB memory, and no peripherals and no OS is listed as a little over $2300. Add in the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and OS and you are again up about $2800. Still a lot cheaper than $4800, of course, but we are talking desktops and the $4800 system is a LAPTOP. If someone needs a LAPTOP it doesn't really matter how much a desktop costs, does it? Besides, the Alienware desktop with these specs and faster memory is $2900 right now. My build was $2600 wo/the monitor. For the $300, personally I would rather have the Alienware. Also, I am not as confident as you are that someone with no experience in building systems would find it easy, having watched a few videos on it. Seems like a lot of trying to get things working together is involved. And of course you have no warranty, so are left to deal with any problems or incompatibilities yourself. Worth the savings? I guess to some people. For me, much cheaper commercial system meets my needs, and I don't have to spend hours trying to make stuff work. Even if I needed that much system, for $300 I would not put up with the headaches of building my own. To each their own. FWIW...
  5. Mine was about 12-13 years ago. A few years ago I replaced the motherboard and CPU, the HDD with an SSD (since replaced 2X more, lol), the GPU, and the liquid cooler, plus upgraded the case fans, so all that is left is the case, the CD/DVD drive, and power supply. On my second monitor since the original, too (24" photo monitor). In a couple of years, will replace the whole thing with a new system (well, maybe not the monitor).
  6. So, as others have said, it would help a lot to know what your budget is, and what you consider acceptable (properly lies in the eyes of the beholder), but I went through a similar exercise a few months ago (maybe even a year now...), so I thought I would share. First, along the lines of previous suggestions, I personally started by googling 'best gaming laptops' and 'best budget gaming laptops' and so forth. I was hoping to spend ~$1200 (US), so I knew I was not going to get a killer machine, but I hoped to find something acceptable. I am fortunate to have a decent gaming desktop, so I didn't need something that would do everything I needed, just decent performance at Ultra or a step down in Firestorm. There are a lot of options out there for $1000 and up that looked like they wouid meet my needs (decent i5 processor, decent graphics card, 16GB of memory). I also had other criteria, such as relative light weight (I have this thing sitting on my lap!), not looking like some geeky teenage gamer boy's wet dream, and reliability (for better or worse, I worry about some of the really cheap brands). I read a ton of reviews on the models that looked promising. I was fortunate that the model that rose to the top, a Lenovo Legion, was carried by the local Best Buy, so I could check it out in person; reviews had dinged the lower-end Legions as having dim screens, so it was great to see it in person (it was fine, lol). Unfortunately, Best Buy did not offer the model I wanted, so I had to order from Lenovo, and even more unfortunately, they bizarrely did not offer the model I wanted in a combo with the highest-end GPU of that level (GTX1060/6GB RAM) and 16GB of RAM, so I ordered RAM separately and immediately upgraded that, adding ~$100. In the end, I think I paid ~$1400, and the system has performed very well (plus, lighted keys, woohoo!). Honestly, my desktop is older, and though it has a high-end i7, it also has a GTX1060/6GB (though the desktop version, of course), and is not that far ahead of my laptop. So unlike what some of the threads referenced say, I do feel you can find something that would serve you well for not a massive outlay, of course depending on your expectations. Sure, I prefer using my desktop, with the bigger screen and a mouse, and better cooling, but with my laptop I can sit on the couch with my family rather than going downstairs in my room. Also, I got a model that I consider portable enough to take other places and use as a general laptop, so it has use beyond SL (I am assuming this is why you want a laptop, too?). One other thing, in some of the threads referenced earlier in the thread, they mention cooling issues. This can affect performance and also comfort, if you put the laptop in your lap. Also, having it in your lap can exacerbate the heating issues, especially if you use a pillow or blanket under it. I also researched a laptop cooler, and use that all the time. It drops the CPU and GPU temps quite a lot when I use SL, preventing throttling and keeping my laptop from becoming uncomfortable in my lap. I also am very careful to support my laptop in a way that does not block the fans on the bottom. Hope this helps! Good luck!
  7. I am from the rural US South, and I still wear hose to funerals there. I usually have to buy some, though, because that is the only place I wear them (tights I wear all the time, with short skirts...including tomorrow, now that it is going to be above 20 degrees F, heat wave, woohoo!).
  8. Personally, I did not even own underwear until recently. I got two sets for a potential photo shoot, then the shoot never happened. I do have outfits where there is a panty-like part to the outfit that needs to be worn as the skirt or dress does not cover things, if that counts, though.
  9. It's probably already been tried, but someone should really explain the sunk costs fallacy to the LL folks.
  10. Well, and besides, it is only 50L. I spend far more than that on tips every time I go to a club.
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