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  1. Add me... my sisters also at the Commune Utopia would be interested in this group too I am sure Sedi <3
  2. Please don't feel a failure! I want to invite you to Commune Utopia where many people gather at all times of the day and night for good conversation in a relaxed and happy environment. We have many events, discussions, parties, writing workshops, art and photography contests etc as well as places to just sit and hang out with friendly faces. <3 Peace and love, Sedi
  3. I love your enthusiasm... but ever thought about walking before you can run? Start out small and then expand as needs grow... it does take time to build a community - people are wanting many experiences in sl, so they will not be as dedicated to your sim as you would like them to be. Good luck in filling all those positions... but I would advise you to focus on just one or maybe two of those businesses, make them successful and then roll out two more... not have a cast of thousands when your traffic is likely to be low at the start. If you need any advice please contact me inworld and see my community of nearly 1000 happy people that I have on a 8192 plot. It works, and the rent is low
  4. Calling all hippies and bohemians who wish to live a simpler life in an active and thriving community of 800 likeminded people at Commune Utopia. Our old mansion house, wild gardens and peaceful meadows are on an Adult sim, with free love and nakedness enjoyed by some - however we have respect for all ways of being. Many activities within the commune - live Woodstock musicians, trippy Thursdays, debates at the Temple of Words, dancing at the stonehenge, naked Fridays on the secluded beach, american indian drumming in the Peace gardens - every day has a smile and a hug at the Commune. Come join the family you have been searching for ... http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fakarava%20Bay/165/8/25
  5. I'd like a cake to make people exclaim *wow* for celebrations/rezzdays/every day at my commune. I'd like it to be as low prim as possible yet have the x factor :) I challenge you to find me the best cake in sl - that also gives a great eating anim too ...
  6. I'd like a diary that people can enter their rezzday in, and it will sort by date so that every day we can see whose rezzday it is to celebrate. I have a group with 700 people and we can never keep up with whose special day it is...
  7. Search on marketplace for affiliate businesses. You take a percentage of what is sold through the vendor boards. Hope this helps x
  8. I'd like a custom tattoo for myself and my partner - something intricate and bohemian, not the usual roses and daggers - please contact me with examples of your unique work :)
  9. If you're looking for co-habitation, try our commune utopia we have many many lovely people here for you to meet (nearly 700 in the group) and we enjoy a relaxed and fun time in sl - no dramas and pressures click here for the slurl : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fakarava%20Bay/185/22/30
  10. Random Sixpence - Kudos to you in wanting to provide this service. I would like to help in any way but I have to say this - I have also been looking for people to lead discussions/talks etc at my busy Commune and I have had no response either here or in world. I would love to talk more with you about finding suitable people as an arts place I am in desperate need of new stimulating and exciting creative experiences for the commune people! Sedi x
  11. I'm looking for an avatar scripts board that will show the scripts on every avatar on my plot. I'd like it to be retro looking so it fits in with the commune. I can't find anything i like... someone please help me.
  12. I am searching for a professional texturer who has the imagination and ability to breathe life and warmth into the plain white commune I share with 600 people... I'm wanting baked textures, sunlight and a worn painted look... please contact me with samples of work i can see inworld. Thanks so much :)
  13. Hello - I have to comment on this thread. I am the leader of the Commune. While I have no wish to drag the whole issue of WHY Rufus Attis was banned from the happy Commune up again (which is very welcoming and has in fact banned only 10 people in 6 months with 500 members), his behaviour was not in keeping with the very few rules of the Commune, which is respect and sexual enjoyment free from jealousy, for all people. We are a polyamory community in which we share ourselves in deep friendship and love. I am very sorry that Rufus finds himself trying to sabotage the Commune on here when all we want to do in the Commune is spread peace, love and happiness to all. Do not be put off by one banned person's viewpoint, when 500 other people absolutely love the beauty, friendliness and sensuality they find in our gorgeous sim. Sedi
  14. I'm not sure if he has time, but contact Daddy Meriman. He has done a fabulous machinima for my commune (see it in a link in my picks in world).
  15. I'd like a personalised antique medieval looking moonshine bottle (copy and trans) for my commune with the label saying *Danger - Commune Utopia Moonshine* and the drink that is dispensed to be in a goblet that could be hewn from some ancient oak. And all of this to not be more than 3 prims :) If you like a challenge, please contact me :) xxx
  16. You should contact Voodoo Shilton. He makes the most detailed and accurate instruments in all of SL.
  17. I'm needing people to host classes at my popular commune of nearly 450 people - do you know any PHILOSOPHY groups that would like to host here, ART TALKS, CREATIVE WRITING, PHOTOGRAPHY classes, ASTROLOGY, DEBATES, talks on BUDDHISM or other religions, VOICE SESSIONS, EROTIC STORY READING ...we're on an adult sim so we need people who are openminded with our subtle way of free-love life here. Free love hippies frolic in this glamorous art nouveau house with its sensual woodland and beach setting. Voyeurs wander about, but only group members may participate fully. Also - musicians on *Woodstock Wednesday* and Mystery Day Trips on Trippy Thursdays. Poetry group and erotic art gallery. Drumming and Tai Chi. Set your home to here and join the family. 400+ members...
  18. Tonight I had a 16 yr old come to my adult land. She claimed that she had had special dispensation from LL to be allowed on Adult land as she is an emancipated minor . When i asked for proof of this, she logged out. I then banned her from the land, as I did not believe her story. I'm wondering, has LL ever given a 16 yr old ability to be on Adult land, or was she (badly) RPing and did not want to talk OOC?
  19. Lots of Cougars at Commune Utopia... you said you'd like to visit... and we have not welcomed you there yet... so come on by and we will make you feel very at home Sedi <3
  20. We are a genuinely friendly community of people and in fact call ourselves a family. We welcome everyone in SL to just hang out and have fun - sometimes naughty fun as it is an adult sim... but we also have writers, artists and musicians in the family and are creative and very very sociable. So don't feel lonely anymore... come and chat to us around the fire today. Click this link to visit us http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bolton/169/150/23 Sedi <3
  21. Hi there :) I am looking for some adult land to move my very popular Commune Utopia onto at the start of December when the sim I am on closes down. I am looking for 8192 adult land for the sexy freelove and arts community (we now have 250 members in the commune). I would love to be part of a sim that embraced our values of creativity and fun and hope that you can help us out. You are very welcome to come visit the commune and see what we are about and how much of an asset we would be to your sim. We have an art gallery, a music stage and writers workshops as well as being very open about sex in a beautiful way. Link in my profile.
  22. I am looking for some land (approx 4096) adult sim for my very popular Commune (we now have 250 members). The sim I am currently on is vanishing start of Dec and I need some land from then on ... I got a very good deal from this land, 1L per 1 prim... as we are a non profit commune for the arts, I am hoping someone can help us out.
  23. interesting idea - maybe you and I can link up... have a writing group just starting and i'd like inspiration. Sedi <3
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