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  1. A region owner can ban you from their regions. LL wont interfere in land disputes between a region owner and another resident unless it calls for a need. I also do not think it is possible for 1 avatar to actually own 1400 regions. This is why many of the big estates usually have more then one region owner. i.e. the reference to Ansche Chung. With regards to abuse reports regarding ageplay LL usually does not tell you the outcome of an abuse report except to clarify policy or update policy in the TOS or related policies. When it comes to child avatars in an adult rated sim it is usually better to play it safe but in most cases it is an adult playing the child avatar. However LL probably should clarify its policy relating to child avatars in adult rated sims to help residents avoid confusion.
  2. Well I think it does sound like a good idea in theory I agree that the content creators selling products shouldnt have to change their magic boxes as this does waste time. I think I will wait to see how well this idea is really accepted before I go making a decision on where I fully stand on this. If this impacts Third Party Viewers before you go rolling this out fully it would be wise to provide the code to the developers so it can all be rolled out at the same time as well.
  3. I agree with Ann here. If we do have to update our magic boxes for this Direct Delivery this would be a waste of time for content creators to update what they already have. In theory this seems to be a good idea but I think I will wait and see how well this is fully accepted before I change how I sell my products.
  4. well I just installed the updated phoenix viewer with mesh and tried it works just fine so far. so the expected mesh impelentation in phoenix is now released. I was waiting for it to be released before i could even be asked to design mesh related products myself.
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