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  1. Every gaming sim I know has on every game contests and rewards. These systems pay extra money to the players based on how much they play, how much they pay in, their scores or a mixture of these. In most situations, these contests and rewards pay about 10 to 15% of the total amounts paid in back to the players. So the amounts involved are much higher than the remaining profit. There is a good reason these contests and rewards exist. They make gaming in SL fun. They also definitly add an extra level of skill to the total gaming experience. Many players have strategies to get the max out of these rewards and contests. They would not play the games without good contests. Many reward systems are very straightforward, giving a player back a percentage of the amount he played the previous day. Are these systems: A. Not a skill game because there is no pay in and since there is nothing random at them at all also not a game of chance. B. Also a skill game and thus requiring approvement. Which is odd cause there is no pay in. C. Not existing anymore after august 1 because the operator is not allowed to make the payments to the players and having an alt do so is also a no-no? D. Something else?
  2. Every once and a while. Sometimes 4 times a day, sometimes 2 weeks not, all of the sudden my sim gets laggy. I look at the statistic bar and it is the "Net time" in the time details that goes crazy. Avatars can't run scripts, so they can't cause it. I think. I can restart, or wait, limit the number of avatars..it all seems to have no effect. i deleted all what was new since we had the problem the first time. It didn't help. No idea what to do next. Net time is described as the time the server needs to respond to incoming messages. And that's all I could find about it. Anyone got a clue??
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