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  1. Perhaps lindens can explain why it's okay to take money from me or anyone else without age verification - but why the option to close areas of sl to those who dont have (or want) the documentation to give extra info to some obscure third party company of poor standing among the sl community exists, especially in this age of identity theft, when their credit card and pay pal account should prove quite adequate as mine should......

  2. Classic I'm paying over 100 dollars a month in tier fees and have a premium account which is currently paid by pay pal and has also been paid by credit card - I'm in the UK and you have to be over 18 to have either...SL can determine my location by IP as I know only too well when they started charging me V.A.T. and yet this is insufficient to age verify me !!

    I dont have a passport and I dont have a driving licence which are the only methods open to anyone in the UK to age verify.

    Therefore Im blocked from any area which requires visitors be age verified. Its ludicrous come on Lindens get this sorted youre happy taking my dosh... you werent too worried by my age when I signed up. You easily have enough info to age verify me. Ive been complaining about this for ages and the problem is still unaddressed.

    I would be happy to accept a refund on my tier or my account because a percentage of sl is closed to me.

    By the way trying to submit a ticket on this is usless to. You simply get referred back to the age verification page.

  3. Rolig Im interested by your comment because I have the opposite proble I appear complete to others but not myself with pieces missing from items like spectacles and a prim beard - I touch the items and they appear suddenly complete again - usually this happens after Ive looked away from sl (switching to say my browser then switching back), this also sometimes textures my avy with the background too. Wonder if you have a cause and possible solution for that ?

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