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  1. And may there be some customers left in sl to kiss your tush
  2. Nice of him to come and thank everyone who'd congratulated him (Mind you then again maybe he doesnt like ass lickers) lol
  3. Regardless of your attitude to child avvys it is more than a little odd that Lindens made all the fuss of age verification and moving all adult businesses to one continent only to let child avys run around over adult areas...
  4. Marketplace getting worse ?? Why should it be any different than the rest of sl
  5. SL is slowly going down the tubes..... try selling land ,....look at the amount of yellow on the map...and SL are after years of exploiting' a single product now talking about new developments.... People keep suggesting ways to improve sl- its not rocket science... The Inworld building menu is stagnant, thanks to a group of techs who pushed for mesh software which does nothing to enhance in world building at all and hands new building features to those who dont want to build in sl and dont care if the advent of mesh tech totally removes the onus from Lindens to do anything new or add any new
  6. What a lot of smart arse know it alls there are in sl.....we never set up ban lines in Tefnut we let people build as they please until of course junk was dumped all over the region...and even then we didnt establish ban lines we set tefy so that only members of the group myself and cully could build....somehow these became ban lines the day we abandoned - despite all the smart ass know it all theories here ... as for the anti ban line group yes I can see from the comments here we should ban a lot of deserving names from our land...
  7. Of course we might take Tefnut back - when we first bought the region we loved it but it would take a major slashing of tier fees and possibly one or two other changes in lindens policy and we all know how ready lindens are to listen to their customers.... course they may throw in a free car or some similar piece of useless tat to long term customers with freebies pouring out of their inventories...oh hang on dont want to go mad...maybe they'll stretch to free roller blades....
  8. well lets hope somebody buys it and then decides they want to pay a bit to complete the region....they can im cully or myself to agree a decent price and in any even we sold the land basically because we're sick of Linden policies and all the rest of the nonsense.
  9. In order to recoup some of the 2900 dollars we've paid to LL over the past twelve months (Ive been paying a lot longer but got my first full region with cully last year) we may start charging for visits and starting up a guided archaeological tour of the remains of abandoned SL........
  10. Well someone can get the full sim.... we're quite prepared to sell the bits we've kept..... of course we'll be wanting a reasonable price .... well it would have been a reasonable price for the full sim that is
  11. Far be it for me to suggest people start abandoning land to force a linden rethink on- well basically everything thats happening in sl :smileyvery-happy: damn I tried to find an 'angelic smily - there isn't one
  12. Id send you a landmark for a look Phil but chances are you'd be sent shooting off heaven knows where
  13. Yesterday we abandoned large chunks of our region...the tiers are too high and all the evidence to me suggests they'll be increased before reduced despite continuing demands from many long term sl land owners for their reduction. No one is buying full regions - apart from penny pinching land dealers offering less than peanuts per sq metre. Lindens continue to insult long term customers while trying everything to lure new customers. You can't even air your opinions about shabby customer treatment on the forum without getting your posts removed and lets face it conditions in world get worse rath
  14. .......Typical sort of attitude from Lindens that has me SLASHING my tier...if they dont want to hear criticism from paying customers CENSOR them......Even if tier payers are paying the wages or at least contributing to keeping the censors in paid employment..... Funny how the people like the original poster of this thread can be as obnoxious as she wants ... so long as it favours linden policy and attacks linden critics of course
  15. Ive been told not to discuss moderating decisions....
  16. Watch it seketha I had a post removed for asking where another post that had been removed had gone - I had no email or nothing just a warning from a guy named mike moderator who seems to be forgetting who pays his wages !!!
  17. Get a plain prim cube for your avvy or if you actually want to move try rolling along as a sphere... of course you can remove your scripted items hair skin etc etc... or as a Lindens help desk operative told me when I tackled the issue of border crashes where as few attachments as possible - go naked in effect.... heaven forbid anyone actually take the onus away from the user and 'customer' and suggest lindens actually do something to tackle lag....
  18. Oh and as for the removal of posts Ive had two deleted - I dont know why one vanished I never got any message... presumably my suggestion that lindens should actually focus on sorting out long term problems in sl was a massive threat to the Lindens empire.. as for the other I was trying to warn fellow sl users that a dodgy group was whipping away lindens when its founder doesnt even exist in sl anymore... I got my wrist slapped by email over that one - dont know if lindens did anything to stop people paying their money into a defunct and useless group though...
  19. Strange I think my opinions should be of importance to Lindens because Im a paying customer... You merely confirm what we've increasingly thought lately - that lindens don't give a stuff about long term customers... still I am cutting back on my financial input to sl as is my girlfriend... why ?? Because Lindens apparently didnt give any importance to what I said and apparently arent that bothered about the 'meagre' couple of hundred dollars we pay in tier fees,, Enough said ??
  20. Funny how rarely the companies involved warn you about these be it ebay, lindens, youtube
  21. Personally Id like to see a giant space sim beyond the sky of sl...but after 4 years of asking for things a lot of people in sl would enjoy, like or find useful and being palmed off with tat by lindens I got fed up of asking.....
  22. It didnt kill Bogey and Katherine Hepburn....
  23. Try the Lindens yatch if you can find the freebie booth (I couldn't) tie a torpedo to the bow and ram it into an enemy cruiser - you could re-enact The African Queen all over again... ( wonder if Rodvik linden has a cruiser )
  24. TEFNUT REGION See Cully post the full region has now been split in four and now costs 95000 - we're mad letting it go this cheap and if you want a region in sl you're mad not buying !!! and if that post upsets certain forum critics - TOO BAD :p
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