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  1. Looking to hire a scripter. Read the description below and contact me in world, via notecard if I'm offline. I'll describe what I'm looking for the best I can! If you're familiar with Amaretto Breedable Horses - I'm referring to the bundles produced by the horses. I'm not a scripter and it makes my brain hurt; I don't know scripting limitations. The project involves a storage object, and multiple objects (called bundles) that are no copy/no mod and can only be renamed manually via a menu. Details about the bundle object: it's a no mod/no copy item it can only be renamed via a menu the name is max of 36 characters with no special characters except for "\" (dashes ok) but NO hyphens default name of the bundle is "Amaretto Breedable Bundle" I'm copy/pasting the name of the bundle from local chat after clicking the bundle object and requesting "stats" (which includes the full UUID) What I want to do/not do: Store the bundle object in a storage device in-world Be able to click the storage device and request the bundle object by name; if it's possible for the script to just use the UUID of the object without me having to name it at all - PERFECT!! NOT increase keystrokes to rename the object; hence why I'd like to copy/paste part of the UUID from local chat - keep it simple NOT have to scroll through menu pages looking for a bundle object name like "3622226828b4" or the full UUID. Ideally, I input the bundle object name into a dialogue box then the storage object will either rezz or deliver it to my inventory. Please keep in mind I don't know the limitations of scripts and have no idea if this is possible - but this is the best way to descript what I'm looking for. Extra info in case this helps: The reason why I'm doing this is to search for bundle traits from an Excel doc I'm going to store the traits in. Luckily the bundle object will say the traits in local chat, I can copy/paste that into Excel and create a sort of database (it does past the traits into separate cells so I can easily search the Excel doc by the trait I'm looking for). The object description contains a code for those traits - but I'm not sure if the creator of them item is giving out API info anymore. The bundle also will give the parent info and UUID. Big Wish: the trait info I want is coded into the description of the object (ie: SUCCESSFUL_BUNDLE:e05e959d-9f53-b1d7-dba6-57e244fd655c!585!1!1!11!1!0!0!0!10!9!2!0!11:NULL:5.0) along with the UUID. If instead of an excel spreadsheet, a website/google docs could be created that uses the code from the description to automatically database the traits...and you think this is something you can script...I'd entertain the idea with a quote for the work and discussion about database/server upkeep, etc. This again is *big wish* and not the focus. Thank you!
  2. PS - this is what I was making (the reindeer sign) https://gyazo.com/1a359101f5c09cd30c58ad48420f4640
  3. Hello! I'm a fan of those darned fake shadows creators make for mesh items (that seem kind of unpopular). I've been able to make them before in Blender, without issue, but I've lost my notes and I can't seem to find someone that can tell me what I'm forgetting in the parts of the process I can remember. I've found a few vids on YT that create what I want to create (a wall shadow for photo frames)...but when I follow the steps - I can't reproduce the result. I know how to do AO bakes... but a transparent 'bake' seems to allude me and I have made a piece that I'd like to create a custom shadow for. I have done a search through the forums before posting - in hopes someone asked/answered the same question - my apologies if it hit me in the face without my seeing it. Thanks! Edit: Found the issue and now all is well... I had selected lighting in Blender that does not generate a shadow on other objects *headdesks*
  4. Just look for the group of people just standing around in a small space, on the mini-map, and aim for that direction. I had the SAME issue when I went to the store...couldn't see where the body was being sold (because the advertising didn't rez well for me...took about 5-10 minutes then a relog for it to reappear). Then once it did...there was lots of camming around the dozen or so people standing on top of the spot in the store, to read about the details (lol).
  5. @FairreLilette something 'meshed together' will not necessarily be 1 land impact. A rose itself has a lot of faces - even without the leaves added. The more faces and curves to an object, the higher the land impact - even if it's a small object. There are several posts in the "In-World Employment" forum by mesh creators looking for work...you should contact one of them and find out if they could make one for you and what land impact they could manage for such a piece.
  6. @AnnabelleDovelight - when you look at a store in the MP, there is a section called "Profile" to the left...in that section for Fairysnake, it says the store is closed.
  7. I sent you a message, in-world with a landmark
  8. Good luck...I tried a few hands (because I know someone that would love the ribbons and wings)...and got the madoka dress (a few times) but not the homura. I'm half tempted to ask them to verify that it's not broken lol...but *shrugs*
  9. @Theresa Tennyson ...advice not to take advice from non tax professionals on the internet - yes.
  10. You will also need to consider if your state or municipality taxes your income. Where I had lived in Pennsylvania - I would pay Federal, state, and local taxes on income. It is best if you check with a professional. Anyone offering you advice about taxes or finances should beware...as that is *highly frowned upon* by the government. Again, consult a professional. Your local library will usually have tax info for you to read or can point you in the direction, locally. It doesn't matter if you consider yourself a business or not...
  11. So, what I did was made changes to the listings being 100% mesh (no idea why they weren't listed as such before), then made updates to the descriptions, and the suggested products. It still feels like sales tanked from this weekend...but perhaps it's just a slump after everyone had shoppers remorse from black Friday lol.
  12. This topic seems to have resolved (with Dakota's answer). However, I wanted to respond to @JewelQuest's response: I disagree. Gacha is still the thrill of trying to get that *one* or few items that you really want from one machine...and as we're getting closer to the opening of the December round of The Arcade - some friends and I have been talking about that thrill. It's a meme: I could go onto MP and buy the thing for 100L and get it right away...or I could *try* to get it myself by throwing 50L into the machine...and the people I talk to...would rather take their chance on the machine - even if that means spending WAY more than 100L. So - to say that gacha shouldn't be allowed on the MP is short-sighted. The MP has been a great tool for selling extra Gacha - and although the return on investment is low - based on the time it takes to set up the item for sale on the MP - it's better for the consumer and the seller. Both a win-win. The only people missing out are the yard sale owners. I don't have all day trying to find that *one* item on the grid that I didn't know existed until 9 months later...I go to the MP...see if someone is selling it and determine if it's worth it. It's still a valuable item - to me and to the person that benefits from the sale that they otherwise wouldn't have had...sitting in a poorly organized and marketed sales yard with 1000s of other items.
  13. Interesting...just happened to see this while searching for another topic and it stopped me in my tracks. I did a bit of editing of my products about 24 hours ago - after having sales go through the roof over the last week...and had a quarter (if that) of the sales that I usually have. So...I would have to say that if there was a bug...it *feels* like it still exists. And here I though the hour I spent updating items was a good thing lol...oops. Should've left them alone.
  14. *bumps post because Irrie makes amazing stuff*
  15. Arielle - have you been to Jian? They have quite a few animals there in Gacha form...you *may* be able to find a dog there that is very similar to your departed pet. I was there today - and they make quite a few companion animals - and they are very cute! It might be worth a look - plus it will be way more affordable than having a custom one made You can search in-world for "Jian" to find their sim/shop. They may also be on the MP.
  16. There should be a "best looking avatar under 100L with what is in your closet" contest...that would be...interesting!
  17. Seeking quotes for a quarter or half of a full-sim, commercial, g-rated for family holiday sim. *Looking for quarter of full-sim instead of homestead due to costs (aka: don't contact me about getting a homestead) *Must be g-rated due to this being a family event (might consider moderate sim) *Must be able to terraform and must allow snow generator *Will be creating a "cut your own tree" family event for the holidays (opening the week of US Thanksgiving thru the end of the year) *Prefer commercial unless residents are ok with influx of strangers to island *Land needs to be set for winter/snowy Contact in-world: Cilene Inglewood with IM (all go to email) or leave a message here with details. Thanks!
  18. I love adding pieces I find at Gachas to my house - and with the number of yard sales that exist - you could probably find some very low-prim, low-cost items. Gacha Garden is going on now - and Collabor88 should open again, soon. I really like MudHoney, Trompe Loeil, The Loft. Also - What Next is having a 50% off sale on most everything on their main sim - and depending on what you find - her items can be LI affordable. Side note - for being an LL home - you've designed well You could add a few walls to the home to break up the space. I've done that in a few of the LL homes that I've lived in with cute results.
  19. You're welcome Sunset If you need any other help, please let me know. I'm kind of aimless in SL right now. Oh - also - you might want to advertise or work some kind of deal with the RP schools in SL. My niece goes to one...not that I can remember the name of it...but perhaps you can works some mutual deal out with advertising. I'm sure owners are contacted relentlessly about collaborating...but you don't know until you ask I'd just let them know that you're opening a new family-oriented activity and that you'd love to work with them to arrange some mutually beneficial arrangement. There are also the family RP sims around - and they usually have a management office where people pay tiers - that you could advertise. Perhaps you could spread your advertising dollars around every few weeks to see what works I'm Cilene Inglewood in world, as well if you need more immediate help.
  20. Here are photos of the hair...omg...loved this hair..
  21. Hmm...it looks like hair I have from fri.day - but not sure if she still sells it... Ok - she doesn't do hair anymore...but I'm like...95% sure that it's this hair: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/fri-Deena-Blonds/1083073 It has the flexi prim - which explains the 'sweepy-ness' of it. It's $250L on the marketplace - but...if you look at the photo on the MP - you can see how similar it is. If you want to see it in person...I plan on buying it, myself - it was one of my most favorite hairstyles back in the day...probably one of the best 'bobs'.
  22. ^ what Cindy said. Unless you are purchasing an entire sim from LL or a private person - you're actually renting the land. If you look at the map, make sure you have the box ticked to show land that is for 'sale'. The terminology is confusing...but anything in Yellow, you are renting from someone - either LL or a private estate. If you look at my profile, in world, you can see who I rent from (I can't remember who it is at the moment) - but most of their land is adult. You may need to ask them which land allows clubs as their terms are different for certain sims...and clubs are (like mysteriousdots said) a dime a dozen...and therefore harder to find estates to rent from.
  23. Make sure that you are purchasing advertising boards at the adoption agencies in world. The one at Heritage is worth it - I advertise my Christmas sim there each year - and it pays off. There are also dozens of family-themed groups in SL that you could post advertisements to - those are free. Make sure that you have your 30L 'land search' checked so that the land can be searched from SL - and that you are *reasonably* using the SL event lister. Do not be one of those people that posts 12 hr events, everyday -.- One is suffice (it is a free service...please do not abuse it). Also, it doesn't take much $L to advertise - being at the top of the list isn't necessary if you use the correct keywords. If you need more help, feel free to contact me.
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