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  1. LOL great pic... I adore the granny av that Sissy made a few years ago and I have been known to go shopping with it ;-)
  2. Oh my - sorry I just saw this... I assume you are speaking about real life..? My default lazy day wear is a pair of old linen trousers and a light cashmere sweater. Comfortable enough to slob around in but not too embarrassing in case of drop in visitors or when a run to the store to get milk is called for ;-)
  3. Cherry thanks for the link. Wow! you took some great pics of Modavia Fashion Week - would you be so kind as to add them to our pool for the event? That would be most kind. http://www.flickr.com/groups/modaviafashionweek2011/
  4. Ohh thank you for posting this question. Allow me to unashamedly sidle in on your action here. We are always looking for unsung / undiscovered fab designers to promote. Modavia happily subsidizes this kind of outreach so please feel free to drop me ideas any time you find a hidden gem.
  5. Thanks for the question Melita. A lot of the Autumn/winter trends that were shown in RL have made their way onto the SL runway for the season. Seventies bohemian and glamour looks are popular in-world with many designers showing high-waisted skirts and trousers. We also see a lot of bell-bottoms and wide leg pants this year. Also big in both worlds for the season is fake fur - often dyed in great colours. I adore retro influences so I love the way fashion is leaning at the moment.
  6. Great list! Thanks. A question... do you tend to ask the sim owner's permission before shooting on a new sim? Or make a point of mentioning the sim in your post? This is a general question for the community - I'm curious about the accepted etiquette.
  7. Thereaver thank you so much - I am copying your kind comments to my team.
  8. Vick thanks for your question. Do I consider other companies in SL fashion as competitors...well yes and no. Modavia has a very particular positioning and we haven't really moved from it since inception. In the space we occupy we don't really have any companies that I would consider direct competitors. Do we compete for advertising revenue with companies in different segments ...yes in some instances we do ..but that is a different kind of competition. And one which is very healthy. Overall I totally believe there is space for all in SL - so long as creators produce great original conten
  9. Part 2 of your question regarding getting into auxilliary fields. This time I'll address modelling. Actually the advice is similar in many ways - be unique - develop your own style and innovate. The old adage goes that great models never wear any look off the shelf - well to a certain extent that's true. The ones who consistently style with unusual elements and grab attention because they look totally different from everyone else are the ones who are most likely to get the job. It stands to reason - a model's purpose is to draw attention to whatever clothing she is showing. Don't always
  10. Oh wow several questions there. Let me try to split them up a bit. I'll start with photography - I can only speak for how Modavia does things really as I haven't had that much involvement in other companies in SL. First of all, I think it's important to realise that the door is always open. We actively recruit talent...pretty much wherever we find it. So assuming that you have some skill and a good shop window (usually a Flickr stream).. you're in with a chance of being snapped up. But be aware, if you want to be taken seriously in the fashion world you do need to focus your offering on f
  11. Doing my stint as a Fashion Expert today until 4pm SLT. Just pretend I'm wearing a t-shirt that says "Ask me about SL Fashion" and the rest will be easy.
  12. Michely your contribution made me smile :-) So great that you captured some of the fun moments from the week! For those who are interested, the MFW2011 pool on Flickr is at http://www.flickr.com/groups/modaviafashionweek2011/ if you want to contribute any images from the shows or blogs that you have posted that feature FW designs.
  13. Sasy xxxx thanks and thanks for attending so many shows and blogging them with such dedication! Gratitude to all the bloggers who followed FW actually - our designers were delighted with the coverage. Without great bloggers an event like this just falls flat. I definitely add you to the long list of people who make the fashion industry such a cool place to work.
  14. Thank you so much Vick and I'm glad you enjoyed the event. It was very much a team effort which I hope I reflected in my post.
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