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  1. This holds true in my experience as well; sandbox mmo's like Minecraft & Roblox and battle royale games like PUBG and Fortnite attract a much larger group of under-18's than SL ever will. There's not enough to login and just *do* in SL. (Incidentally I have two kids now ages 19 and 21 who would not ever touch SL with a 10-foot pole and referred to it colloquially in their social circles as a weird online primarily sexually oriented environment which is the general rep SL has earned over the years - right, wrong or indifferent, that's how it be.) SL was kind of my "gateway drug" for online gaming back in 2003, and I have logged in only sporadically over the past eight years since I have invested far more time and energy in other mmo's, fps's and moba's. I admit I am interested to see what happens with the new investment activity and though I don't spend much time here anymore, I'd be sad to see SL change drastically or even go poof.
  2. I can't tell if this is sarcasm or not; the rank-and-file Blizzard gamer hates Activision with a passion, and BioWare has marfed its last few game outputs ostensibly because of being rushed by EA. So yeah, I'm guessing sarcasm lol.
  3. Did anyone else notice that four short (30ish seconds each) videos featuring turnkey Second Life academic campuses popped up on the official Second Life YouTube feed on July 8, the day before this announcement? I noticed them the morning of July 9 and wondered about it: https://www.youtube.com/user/Secondlife/videos I know that the emergence of the 'rona has everybody scrambling to find new ways to connect with each other that aren't face-to-face; however I have to admit I'm skeptical about whether or not people really want to use Second Life for this since it was tried (and pretty much discarded) over a decade ago. So other than shopping a tired old virtual classrooms idea and milking Tilia (for whatever that's worth), I'm befuddled about why this investment company would purchase Second Life. Whatever the reason, I think they had better come out with a more robust public statement than Grumpity Linden making a few hurried reassuring comments on this thread. People are worried and wondering what's going on.
  4. I know this isn't a typical "look how I decorated my LH!" post, but I couldn't resist. I was wandering around in Bellisseria and following train tracks when I came upon something that made me smile - a camper owner who has used a tree I created over 14 years ago (upon inspection it shows the tree was created Oct. 8, 2005) on my first account, Beryl Greenacre. I made several pink and white flowering SL trees (from my own photos) and gave them away, and I'm still gratified to occasionally see them around. It's obviously not fancy nor mesh, but there it was in all its three-crossed-prim simple glory:
  5. Last week I managed to snag a (Featherston Chapel) Victorian in a nice spot up next to a pond and only about a block away from the SLRR tracks and open water; I own that on my oldest SL toon with her lifetime account. But I have also been playing catch and release on Enigma for the past 10 days to see what else I could land, either the (rare) Victorian that popped up or a traditional. At about 3am SL time today I got lucky, after three times I landed a trad with a nice ocean view in Domingos. I'm out of the GoH for a few days... or until I decide to add a premium membership to another alt, heh.
  6. It's been nearly 16 years six months on my first account Beryl Greenacre who started June 24, 2003; Enigma Bombay, now my main, started two months later on August 23, 2003. I haven't played SL much for the past seven years, but I've just started logging in again this month and I'm having fun. I bought a mesh body and feet several years back, but I've not yet converted to a mesh head - I hate giving up my ability to truly customize my toon's face. It might be time to finally take the plunge, though; any recommendations on good mesh heads would be appreciated!
  7. Welcome to Second Life, Rod; it's one big community as well as many small communities spread out over the grid... just like the "real world." I've been here for almost 7.5 years and I keep coming back for more, always excited to see what I and others can accomplish and communicate here. Here's to a bright future for Linden Lab and Second Life.
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