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  1. Thanks! That did the trick. I tried searching known issues and the bug tracker for this before posting, but couldn't find it. Now I see a number of similar threads listed next to mine. I do appreciate your fast reply.
  2. I just installed SL. After entering my username and pw, the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy window pops up... and it's blank. I can't read the terms of service. The only text present in this box is the heading: "Please read the following Terms of Service and Privacy Policy carefully. To continue logging in to Second Life, you must accept the agreement." I can't check the box labeled "I Agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy", neither via mouse or by tabbing around. The "Continue" box remains greyed out, and tabbing only reselects the cancel button. The arrow and scroll keys do nothing, the space bar only activates the cancel button, which gives me the dialog "You must agree to the Terms of Service to continue logging in to Second Life." Setup: XP (SP3, up to date), supported hardware I'm on an 802.1x wireless network that is sometimes wonky, but appear to be suffering no network problem at this time.Curious, possibly related: After I installed SL, my mouse cursor reverted to a default (and slow) speed and acceleration.Before I downloaded and installed SL, a dialog box to update Adobe Reader 9 was active. I was unable to update Adobe Reader b/c I had a .pdf open at the time. I have since updated Adobe Reader 9, and rebooted to no avail, however.
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