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  1. Kitties Lair Sold by: Babette Ultsch https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/16590 Seems to have updated everything, free redelivery from what I can see, and added a new maternity body too.
  2. Legacy Mesh Body comes BOM Compatible. AK has just put out a BOM Head. Stargazer BOM compatibility (Shameless self promo): Skins Male and Female (Usually in the same pack unless VERY VERY old) - mostly Fantasy but some quirky human / RP types skins too! Tattoos Make Ups Some System Clothing (If a System Layer is ever missing throw rocks and there will be a free update) I have added a foot and hand tattoo fix, mod tintable, to make it easier to wear those older skins that have the nails showing. It's free for group. Happy BOMing
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