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  1. Thanks for the replies. I tried Unkles suggestion 1st but to no avail. And I run Emerald and was unable to log into the SL beta grid..not sure if theres a trick to it or not but it wouldnt accept my login. Bee dont hold your breath on that support ticket btw..I submited one friday and have yet to hear back. I have a ton on money into SL and i'm willing to try almost anything to resolve this. Thanks
  2. Ahh thank u so much for your help. I'm gonna try that when i get home on my PC
  3. After lasts week crash I logged into SL the next morning and over 1/2 of my inventory is gone. I used to have about 9000 items and now its at about 3000. I have read and looked everywhere and have done everything and i'm so confused. I have folders where most of my stuff was...but with no arrows beside them to drop down to see or wear anything. I also have folders that I can and stuff is missing out of them. Every single one of my LM's were gone until this morning too. Im hoping that im not freaking out for nothing only to have my stuff magically come back. If someone knows anything please hel
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