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  1. One thing that hasn't been mentioned yet is that you re twawill also need a shoutcast stream. In simple terms your software sends the audio to thestream, and people then connect to the stream so they can listen. There are many providers of streams in world - you should be able to search for one and ifnd one that fits your budget.
  2. Might not be relevant here, but possibly worth pointing out anyways. I've got a dual monitor setup, and when I was first setting up my alt, I had a similar problem (was trying to use one avvie per monitor). I was initially having similar issues to what you describe, and was tearing my hair out ... until someone pointed out that (without going into too much 'techy stuff') the version of OpenGL the client was using only works on the primary monitor, and hence I was getting avatar problems on the secondary. OR in simple terms ... if you're on WIndows and have dual monitor, you need to ru the client on the primary monitor.
  3. With the error "we're having trouble connecting",if your Internet connection is otherwise working OK, I'd firstly check firewall settings and/or programs like PeerBlock to make sure they are not blocking the Second Life client from accessing the Internet. With the wrong username and password error, make sure your first name is entered as "Ayaz12" and your last name is entered as "Resident". Post back here if you've tried these, or if these don't work.
  4. I've had video streaming work quite successfully by using hosting to store video fiels. As to whether you could do this with a TV Tuner Card or not, I've not tried it. One thing to remember though is to make sure you're covered for Copyright. You need to make sure that in world you are displaying content that is either free or that you have appropriate permissions to use.
  5. Just to avoid any confusion, when I checked previously with Live Support, Moderate/Mature rated land should only be accessible by those 18+. I'm not sure whether this is common knowledge. I would suggest the following tips to try and get the issue dealt with. - Submit an Abuse Report as 'Age > Underage resident outside of Teen Second Life' - Make sure that you quote enough of what they have written in chat to make it clear they are under 18, and that they are probably referring to RL details (and not simply RPing someone under 18) - of course, if there's inappropriate ageplay involved it doesn't matter whether it's RP or not! - Make sure you include a screenshoit
  6. I do enjoy socialising in Second Life. However, there are some activities I prefer to do 'alone' - for instance I prefer to work on large or complicated builds without being disturbed. It helps my train of thought to just sit down and focus on it.
  7. Here is a useful Video Tutorial from Torley Linden that may make things easier for you. It's done in the older viewer, but the principal is the same in most viewers. It is also useful to find yourself a Sandbox. There are plenty around, so you should easily find one using the search tool. The reason is that not all stores allow you to place an object on the ground to unpack it, whereas a public sandbox will.
  8. I've saved around 85 prims just by doing a bit of experimentation today. As to whether rezz times and lag increase or decrease only time will tell.
  9. I've been playing around a bit with larger prims today while modifying some builds. So far, I've not noticed any problems with them. However, like anything "new", I'd suggest experimenting with them before you start using them in things you build.
  10. "I think Mesh wont take off unliess your a die hard betamax video cassette user, there are to many restrictions´╗┐" I'm not sure yet that this will be the case. I haven't played around with mesh yet myself - the types of things I build I don't think will benefit yet. But I expect things to improve over time. It may be somwhat restricted now, but given improvements over time, this may not always be the case. Only time will tell.
  11. Event Security is, luckily, something that I haven't had to deal with much, although I have had to deal with it on occasion. At the low level I've had to deal with it, I can basically break "best practice" into two things - Attitude and Knowledge. By this I mean.... Your attitude plays a really important part in handling the issue. If you'e dealing with soeone that is just irritating, don't let it upset you - the situation just escalates. The same thing with people who are out to simply be provocative - by getting visibly upset, you are essentially giving the person what they want. Your attitude at all times should be one that is not confrontive or arrogant, and gives an impression of "I know how to deal with this" - whether tha rubs off on the "griefer" isdebateable, but at the very least it should help give some comfort to the audience, preventing things from escalating. The other part is knowledge - particularly of the tools available, and how to use them effectively. I say effectively because it's pretty obvious how to use the tools, but it's not always obvious how to use them well. In many minor cases, a typical eject/ban/mute is sufficient. If there is suspicion that they migh bring an army of alts in, you can always turn off public access for a few minutes - unless you've let things escalate (or you'e just unlucky and get an ID-10-T griefer) that will do. However, with a bit of further knowledge, you can almot always find creative ways to deal with even the more serious issues with the tools available.
  12. I have organised a fair few gigs myself. To give people an idea of what has worked for me, I'll post a quick list of what has worked for me. - Events Listing Posting. This is something that has worked well for me in the past - outside of my friends list, it was my main promotion medium that I used. However, you have to know how to use it well - the problem is that it does get "spammed" a bit, which makes it difficul to get your event noticed. Make sure you choose wording that stands out, try and find a category that fits the event and also doesn't get too many spammy type events. What also helped me is that my events ran at times when things were a bit quieter events-wise. This is something to aim for if you can, but this may not be practical for all people. - Get your friends involved. Again, you don't want to spam them, but if you're running an event and some of your friends might be interested, let them know about it. It can sometimes help to have a few friends there as well, not as a "traffic gaming" thing, but if people come and there are already people there that are chatting, having a good time, etc. they are generally more willing to stick around. And it might eventually help build a small community around what you're trying to do, which can provide a good source of regulars that will keep coming back. - In-World Groups. Personally, I've found the "promotion groups" a little touch and go. On some occasions, I seem to get some attention from them, but other times I've barely had a nibble. if you are helping improve on an existing venue, or building a venue in an already established community, find out if there's a relaed in-world group. These people already have an interest in what's happening on the Sim, and you often only need a small nibble from the members the first couple o times to get things started. Once you've built this up, particularly if you perform across many venues, this can help create a following of people that might be hapyp to check out these differen venues. This is jut my 2c worth, YMMV. This has, with a bit of effort and forethought, worked for me in the past.
  13. Hmmm, another one of these threads If you really need to know whether a person is somebodies alt, the best (and easiest) way is to ask them and see what they say. Although some people are more willing to answer than others. If they're not causing you any problems, don't worry whether or not they have an alt. If they are causing you problems, deal with them appropriately and move on.
  14. I wouldn't exactly call it a "lube job" - it's fairly well known that SL staff "generally speaking" avoid getting involved in these types of arguments, and would prefer that us adults worked it out for ourselves. Unfortunately, there are a few "bad eggs" in the mix, as there will be anywhere - both inside and outside of SL. In terms of the money lost, unless you can actually get in touch with the person involved and find out what happened, it may just be "lesson learned". As LL have mentioned, they'll happily assist if it gets progressed to the point of RL law getting involved, however I doubt with the amount of money involved that this will be worth the effort. It pains me to say it - but sometimes that's just the way the cookie crumbles and all we can really do is feel sympathy. In terms of the lost inventory, assuming you genuinely can't find it, there may still be grounds for lodging a second ticket for inventory loss. That's something that could potentially still be sorted.
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