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  1. I'm glad you checked out school! I definitely had a really enjoyable experience when I attended. I'll actually be teaching Photography at the Willowdale Jr. High School when it starts in a week. Your family sounds great, though I know it can be hard when they don't log on as much as you do. Hmm.. maybe you can bug your moms to add to your family and get you a brother or sister to hang out with
  2. There are definitely many ways to get social without having to compromise the things you want. You say that you're a kid avi - have you thought about attending school? I'm not sure how old you RP as, but there ar elementary and high schools where I'm sure you would find many like-minded friends. From what I understand, I think you're saying that your moms dont really log on much. Have you talked to them about maybe just being friends and trying to find a different family that better fits your wants and needs? I know that can be a touchy subject, but you need to make the SL YOU want. People who really care will understand. Lastly, I'd suggest joining some age-appropriate groups. Not only can you strike up chat, but they will also let you know what events and activities are going on. If you want or need more information, just hit me up in-world.
  3. Okay, I'm going to keep this as short and sweet as possible lol. A friend of mine needed a project for Blender for class and as a person who has done barely more than download Blender, I saw this as a great opportunity. He doesn't play SL, but I explained to him that I'd want to be able to import them into the program. He sent me the .zip with all the files for the pair of sunglasses he'd made me, but... I supremely over estimated my ability to figure out how to get them into SL. I like to think I'm pretty computer savvy. Even if I'm not familiar with a program, I can usually figure it out eventually. But this is really complicated. I've been creating content for SL for awhile now, but mesh is new territory. Would anyone be willing to help me out? Since he doesn't really know SL, I'm hoping someone can even just check out the files and let me know if their properly optimized. I would be able to compensate you for your time / share the .zip file with you .. etc. Let me know! :) Brooke Amorosi
  4. Willowdale is pretty good. & active, which is obviously important. lol
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