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  1. Thanks, Fionalein. I should try it next time. I have forgotten about the parcel on/off thing. I wonder, though, since region restart hasn't worked for Whirly, maybe it is the same thing with parcel voice setting...
  2. Thank you, Whirly and Kyrah, for responding. I know we can ask everyone to just mute him, but it is a temporary fix, and I don't even want him to hear us talking either. I hope LL will be able to fix this problem quickly.
  3. I have some parcels for doing classes in voice chat. We have this one guy who has been harassing us and other communities for many years now, and although we keep banning him, he creates new accounts and keeps coming back. The problem is, recently when we ban and kick him out, his voice stays active on the parcel for a long time. He keeps harassing in voice as if he is still there with us, so we have to move out to somewhere else in order to continue our class. It is really annoying and problematic. It has almost never happened before like this, and even when someone's voice lingers after l
  4. It looks just like that in my url. It started Jan 1st, too, I think. My premium account is the only one that works perfectly. All the other free ones don't work for me. If you have the same problem with the premium account, then it is really strange. It is randomly causing an error, then.
  5. I have one premium membership and several other alt accounts. I tried to get the transaction histories from all the accounts, but only premium account works. The other accounts show no lindens in the history list and say "Please specify a correct date format of YYYY/mm/dd and ensure the start date occurs prior to the end date." in red. I cannot select dates either. The current balance seems to show properly on the left side of the page in the "Linden Exchange" section. Since non-premium accounts can only take one month of the history, I really need to hurry. Please help!
  6. I'm grateful that this post has been receiving attention and taken seriously. However, I still feel it is not very fair for Asian people even if we are not the major population in SL. From around 5-8am is our time of living SL. If it is taken away, SL will lose more people from this region because it is just not convenient. I think we should "share" the inconvenience in the world, including the LindenLab working hours. lol They could probably schedule the downtime in the midnight in SL, probably around 1-3am, which means most of the people in US should be asleep, still very early for Eur
  7. It really has been really hard especially on newbies who had just joined SL and came to our activities. They don't what was going on getting terrible lags for a couple of hours, then we were suddenly kicked out without a warning. When we came back we all lost our voice and still in a terrible lag. At last we thought we were back to normal after a couple of relogging, we got the message that the region will restart in 5 mins. The LindenLab really needs some strategy. Do a whole SL restart, closing down for 15-30 mins everyday at exactly the same time, so that people can make plans around i
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