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  1. I'm not much into this kind of game, but I really enjoyed this one. Yeah, it's a bit "young," but like game franchises like Mario and Sonic, the "young-ness" broadens the appeal of the game. There was almost no one there when I was there, and the sims weren't laggy at all. So anyone saying the sims are laggy needs to check their attachments for scripts!! And who can complain about a game that *pays you Linden dollars* to play? I don't see this as competition with existing role-play sims/estates. I think this will be a way of drawing new users into role-play - new users who will try this out and then look for something similar that's more their thing. I say "Thank You" to Linden Labs for putting this together. It's fun, it runs well, and it creates a foundation for other projects. Can't wait to see what they have planned next! ETA: My original avatar is more than four years old. I understand what people are saying about "why is LL creating shiny new toys and not fixing long-standing problems that we've been asking them to fix for years." I agree, there are a lot of ways SL could run more smoothly. I'm also not crazy about a lot of the changes LL has made (why on earth did they shut down Avatars United and stick us with those awful web profiles???). But just like everything else online, Second Life is evolving. Search engines, news sites, blogs, and social media all evolve - that's the nature of the beast. Same with SL.
  2. There are creators who are already doing wonderful things with mesh. I have a wire cage avatar, a couple of really nice new skirts, and a very sweet little bird that hops and flies, all made with mesh. Unfortunately, I'm not able to enjoy them right now because v3 is so unstable. So I'm holding out until Firestorm has a stable, mesh-enabled viewer (which will probably be well before LL does). Not sure why v3 is so unstable now when the beta worked just fine, but it's frustrating to have this great new feature on the grid and not be able to use it. At any rate, thanks for bringing mesh to the main grid, I think as time goes on we'll see more and more brilliant creations!
  3. I just got a wireless keyboard for my Mac, and now I can't fly by pushing Fn-left arrow. All it does is turn my avatar left. In fact, none of the Fn-arrow shortcuts work. I checked the keyboard settings, and I do have the function keys enabled, but she still won't fly or jump with the keyboard combination. Anyone know how to fix this?
  4. Thanks for all your help. I've worked around it by using PayPal, and I have a ticket in telling them the link is broken.
  5. Hi, Peewee. I'm in the United States. Thanks for the phone number, looks like it'll come in handy. My av is only a couple of days old, would that have anything to do with it?
  6. I'm trying to enter billing information so I can upgrade to premium. I go to Account - Billing Information, then click the Delete and Update Credit Card Info button, then I get the popup that says my info will be deleted, then I get a thing from Yahoo saying the requested page could not be found. Is this something LL knows about and is working on? Or is there another way to give them my info? I tried filing a ticket about the broken link but none of the categories looked right.
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