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  1. Hi yes, it allways happened and no I cant edt it. Seems to be a cache problem, cause after clearing the cache it usually works again. Internet is Cable 100MBit and it happens on PC as well as on MACBook. Charlize
  2. Hi Guys, I hope this is the right forum. From time to time I log into SL and find some of the Add ons not in place. For example my earrings, besides my body, Bracelett down on the ground and more. This only happens to some jewellery. And it happens on all viewers. Th eonly thing I can do is clear caches and logg in again an again. Oh not to forget, when the Earring is down on my hand for example I even cant detach it, since it is not highligthed Is that just bad programming of some meshes? Thanks for answering. Charlize
  3. Hi Guys i have done that physik trick mentioned first and it worked. So thank you for your help, hve a good weekend. Charlize
  4. Hi Guys been troughout the forums all morning but could not find a solution. Tried to upload a .dae file i bought with SL Viewer, Firestorm Viewer, Singularity Viewer, 32 and 64 Bit Versions, on Mainland, on Private Island, on Premium Member Sandboxes, with PC and with MAC. No way I cant upload the .dae! And I uploaded quite a lot .dae files in the past. So anny working solution is very apreciatet. Thank you in advance. Charlize
  5. forgot, i am the only on eleft and i am the owner as well
  6. ok, thank you for the fast help and have a good day. Charlize
  7. Hello there one Question. How can i delete a group when i am the last owner? LL want let me do that. Charlize
  8. Hi Guys, I am sure this has been asked before, but sorry can´t find a solution. When a customer does not get his product via MP cause of a crash, he/she usually calls the vendor for a redelivery and sends the order confirmation. In this order confirmation is only a number for the product he/she bought. Now if you have for example a product with 10 different colors that you sell individualy you have to scroll all your products to find that number and find out which product was bought. Is there a way to better find what you are looking for? For example by name? And second, i never figured out what the SKU is or where I can find it. Thanks for answering and have a nice week. Charlize
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