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  1. I had no trouble doing this directly with the exception that I needed to import the textures as individual files, they did not get imported automatically. I also needed to set the Alpha Mode to None, or to anything OTHER then Alpha Blending as this made things I didn't want transparent totally transparent. Blender would be very useful for a number of things, and it supports Collada just fine, it even imports the Spore rig so you can pose your creatures which is terrific. Repainting your model is one thing you could do, blending shapes of various parts is also possible. For me the next ste
  2. LishaJoya Haven, you got it. That worked perfectly. I would still like to know why however. But THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SMOOOOCH!
  3. "I only now wished more of SL Residents would upgrade their viewers to see Mesh." I wish I could express how funny I find this, the only viewer I have found that is stable enough to run that can view mesh is Cool Viewer which is v.1 based. My use of v.2 and v.3 viewers resulted in what seems to be permanent inventory and avatar damage and I am very thankful that I tested them on an alt. (Errors such as "Inconsistent Avatar State" or something like that and my hair is now somewhere off to the left about 600m). The Windows version of cool Viewer at present cannot upload mesh but Linux and Mac
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