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  1. After the several update of the SL viewr recently,all music and sound has stopped working for me. Some one in one of my groups suggested it might be Skype, so I deleted it from my PC. and even turned off my Firewall and rebooted. Nothing. Please help. It's driving me crazy!! Is there and issue with the new updates????
  2. Hi, I am looking for a 1/4 sim for my business but I want to pay less than that. Do you have anything cheaper perhaps? Ashira Vella
  3. Looking for Long term rental of 1/4 sim for our corporate HQ. Willing to pay 75USD per month. I know you are out there! Established development company with tasteful building and desire for some terraforming to enhance land. Please contact Ashira Vella. Want to take possession first of the month. Thank you Ashira Vella CEO Brightfield Virtual
  4. I am interested in your 1/4 sim if it is still for rent. please contact Ashira Vella if it is , Thanks!
  5. My business partner and I are looking for a long term rental for our Corporate HQ. Need 1/4 sim with plenty of prims for a very good price. I know its out there. Contact Ashira Vella or Amethyst Jetaime with Info. Very motivated.! Thanks! Ashira Vella Ceo Brightfield Virtual
  6. Hello, my Business partner and i are looking to rent 1/4 sim for our corporate HQ. Would you be willling to do a better deal. We would like to rent lomg term. thanks Ashira Vella
  7. I am A Premium Customer as well as a land owner of an Estate and a Business owner here in SL. We have had an ongoing problem for 2 months and have no sucess in calling concierge as we were told they were "restructuring". Anyone who answered was from billing and had no idea how to fix our problem. All our TP's are being directed to another sim and our business is sufferring as a result. We are seriously thinking about giving up our estate it has been so frustrating. Concierge was one of the best things LL had for Estate owners. They were prompt and courteous and were able to fix any problem, now it is just a mess and I am told to put in a ticket and wait, because they are backlogged. I am still waiting. I dont see any improvement. All I see are more messes and empty promises. I have never been critical of LL before,after all, this is their experiment and we are all just the rats in the maze. We choose to "play" the game.It is just so frustrating to go from such excellent customer service to such awful customer care and get "promises" of more of the same!
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