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  1. Sorry about the anger but let this happen to someone you know and love and lets see how much you are for redzone type systems and oh woukd you presonlly like to have your RL address your RL info hacked ? i'm betting not and as i said most griefers 99% of them use a proxy server so LL can't ban their IP everyone knows this nope you just liked spying on people if you are for redzone type systems and yes the best thing would be for lindens to allow IP banning but not giving the info to te banner just the choice to ban by IP through LL But it still will not help because again most griefers are ha
  2. That is total bull**bleep** and you know it ,griefers are usually hackers and run on a proxy server so no one can get thier true IP anyone with half a brain knows this.I do cause have fought hard against griefers i used to live at prim works the only god dam thing redzone was good for was for detecting others alts and finding their RL location and thats just so **bleep**ed up because there are alot of ppl that wish to visit sex sims n **bleep** with out others knowing who they are or where they are i have had some RL friends recently have their IPs hacked buy SL spy **bleep** ,suppose your kid
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