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  1. seems like things razz better there or is it my imagination?
  2. wow...I did find one....to buy it would be ...looks like 42.00 us dollars... I see what you mean about the double prims....looks interesting. but kinda more than I would like to pay initially....I will keep it in mind.... will look more into it ...thank you
  3. thanks I sure don't know what I should be looking for....lol
  4. I will try to tp over there now...Horizons...lol. thats the name of where my condo is in RL...
  5. That would be awesome!! A 1024 Linden home. No need to pay to get that 1024 parcel!! Or go through an auction process...??
  6. Thank you so much. I will try to be there!!
  7. Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate it. I've spent most of the day trying to figure things out. Looks like I can do auction or go to mainland or look in classified... I still have alot more to learn. Thanks again I still have some more questions....but I think if I go through process, I'll get my answers. I tried to add you as a friend, would you mind to help me?
  8. What can I do with adding another 512, I have a free home with it. if I pay for the additional 512 to have 1024, where can I go to have a home? What is the advantage of having 1024 as opposed to having the 512 with a free home? Where can I find answers? If I do pay to have the 1024 where do I go? I want to put a home on that area of land....where do I go? I don't understand.... someone please help me. Chat support is closed for the day....I need answers
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