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  1. What bugs me most is those over sized butts, I mean like, i dont mind big butts but like there the size of mt everest which are digusting really, no guy will ever want an overly sized butt (if they do then they are either werid in the head or desperate). And with the lips, what's up with that, people these days have bad taste in fashion (but thts just my point of view). But newsflash, nobody likes an overlysize butt, which comes with the question how do you even do the restroom with them? must take you a quite long time to take a dump. But anyways, whoever is selling these types of skins/shapes are really mess in the head or confused of latest fashion. But then again it's just my opinion others really like werid things which i totally understand why, everyone isnt the same so they have there own likes and dislikes. ~Scarlet
  2. Lol , you're like me when I'm high on chocolate trolololol. J/k. =P Well, for me, I love to role-play anything that's non sexual (Sorry boys I'm taken to a body builder hunk <3 ) I like to play games with friends (That's non sexual unless its an orgy party then count me and my hubby in O_O lol j/k ) I can be quite the talker @_@ (When I'm on chocolate I can talk non stop 24/7 I swear lol ) but anyways WHALE **bleep** TO SECOND LIFE FORUMS 8D! ~Scarlet
  3. Well, sometimes at infohubs there are a lot of people to meet. But just go to the destination guide in second life and visit them, there you might encounter friends maybe a bff lol =P But let me introduce myself =) The name's Scarlet <3 I'm married to my most beautiful and biggest (As in muscle) guy in my life <3 But enough of that, Welcome to the Second Life forums!~ =) ~Scarlet
  4. Here's what I recommend doing. Since becoming a model is the toughest job to get because it's high on demand. I suggest you two should go to an academy if your dedicated in becoming a model, since after you graduate you get a modelling job quickly. Also, to be a model, you need to know how to fix up your character, so it'll be perfect in texture / look. But anyways, Good luck you two. I suggest you guys go in-game and look for those job agencies for jobs. But I also suggest to just get a job in real life and spend the money on second life for L$ since you barely get the minimum wage in jobs. But that's just my opinion, if you love to be an escort / dancer / host / etc. then good luck ~Scarlet
  5. That question, to be honest, is still a debating question, Lycans are powerful in strength but weak when it comes to strategy of the kill, while vampires are sleek and fast but when it comes to strength there useless against a Lycan in hand to hand combat. Both have there ups and downs. There's no answer on which race is the powerfulest of them all. There are only just a matter of opinions, non are for a fact. If you see the most digusting movie in my life (no offense) Twilight. Vampire and Werewolves are still a tie in combat. This goes the same for Vampires and Lycans. But since it's a matter of opinion, I'll go with Vampire Lol. (I feel like I bored you with my talk) @_@ Sowwe, I kind of study these types of things. >.< I'm a fan of the cult and other unnatural wonders of the world. ~Scarlet
  6. If you'll like, I can help you out with that. Here's two of my photos if your interested im me. http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/4250/measiannew2.jpg Edited by myself ^ http://img835.imageshack.us/img835/4931/siggydy.jpg How I look in game without any editing or sort (with lip gloss) http://img836.imageshack.us/img836/2778/snapshot004w.jpg (Without) Sowwe, I'm a picture whore, lol >.<. ~Ada
  7. XxGucciQueenlover2themaX wrote: Well thy need to keep there fangs to them self i even had some come at me telling me if i dont join my club will be nothing an so called clan leader are what evver thy think thy are. thy think thy are all powerfull now i tell u this if one trys to bite me again il send them to 3rd life You should tell the your not the boss of me, and go all yo momma on them. LOL jay-kay. But if a so called "clan leader" tells you that, you should tell them to back off and get a hold of reality, you ain't no boss, I can barely see you as a 8 year old kid from how your acting. ~Ada
  8. Interesting I been on second life for almost 2 years now. I love any RPG (dark urban, urban, medieval, etc.) I hate chess and checkers =.=... if you play me right now, I’ll loose definitely. Lol ._. Just want to say welcome to SL Forums, have fun, crack balls, get laid (Not if your taken, if you are forget what I just said @_@ lol ) I'm part hmmm wait let me remember... OK part fury / elf / vampire / human / and I forgot something @_@ lol but whatever you get what I mean I play as lots of characters because I'm such a procrastinator! @_@ lol Hope we can talk sometimes!~ I'm a huge shopping fan, seriously if I see something nice I tell my husband to buy it for me or else he gets a slap! @_@ lol. Also love partying! (Even thought recently I been busy But if u create a party I'm sure I'll be like the crazy mofo from corner 13 @_@ LOL Jay-kay. But anyways =3 you can I'm anytime you want!~ ~Ada
  9. -Hates Twilight, loved and laughed my ass off when watched Vampires Suck (Maybe mocked twilight too lol @_@)- But yeah what Nerxual Oh says is right. Bloodlines is like to me personally another role playing place gone out of control. I wish I can talk to all of the "bitch leaders" if you know what I mean, and slap them in the face saying you are a mut. My grandma has bigger balls than you. (OK I exaggerated there but pretty much I just want to tell them to lay off the bitchiness and be friendly with one another, you don’t own anyone, you can barely control your life I can bet) But yeah, some bloodlines people need to get back to there senses and realize it's a game and everyone has the right to play happily, miserable free and drama free (If they wish). ~Ada
  10. Lol You seem quite interesting from others I met lol! And yeah I am a shopping addict like if I want something, I tell my husband "Can I can I can I can I can I PLZ!!! D:" lol x.x I act like a kind around him, he thinks it's cute. I study anything mythical in real life like seriously, if you have questions on unicorns/faeries/pixies/vampires/werewolves (Lycans) /ghosts etc. etc. I might either bore you to death or fascinate your minds O_O. Lol, but anyways welcome to Second Life forums and Second Life =P I'm Scarlet, and I'm a hyperactive *bleep* when I get a sugar rush (Which is now WEEEE) Lol, just kidding, back to professional. -Ahem- Hai. ~Scarlet
  11. Sounds interesting I'll come check it out. <3 ~Ada
  12. Well, to be honest, some people think "oh I'm so cool and powerful I'm a vampire etc etc." Especially if your talking to a highly rank vampire example; King, Queen, Hellion, etc. What I really dislike is that they believe that being a vampire means there above everyone else, when in reality, from what I study in the cult etc. These ranked vampires are usually hidden meaning (No human being has ever lived to see one) But since people think it's cool to be a top ranking vampire and to mock everyone else, I just think it's pathetic on there part, since a title on a game means nothing compare to real life. Sure it's a game but, a title doesn't mean that you can own people. But that's just my opinion, I just think people nowadays are getting to "into" games, they can't tell the difference between reality and online. So I guess, they lost the facts on how vampires in the medieval world were. (I think I made it confusing @_@ lol) but now in modern time, vampires are losing touch of what they really are. ~Ada
  13. Hey Padmavati Welcome to SL and SL forums ^^ hope you can enjoy it here <3 ~Ada
  14. The Unique Megastore. Sure they can be expensive, but they are good quality skin.
  15. Well depends on what kind of anime you like. I like the following; Hell Girl, (not so much anymore) Naruto, Elfen Lied, Maburaho, Higurashi, (my first anime and will always love) Sailor Moon, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Mammotte Lollipop, This Ugly Yet Beautiful World, and more lol @_@ lots more. ~Helena PS: I like Manga/Anime and japanese music (lol @_@ yes I'm not normal ftw! )
  16. Mmm not bad, I think its very gorgeous. What I reccomend is doing more pictures in different poses and maybe for the shoes just do a picture of the shoes only, that way they wont be hiding by the jeans. Another thing to do is, for the nails try showing the design on the nails (if they have any) so the audience can see. Hope it helps ~Helena
  17. Here's what I think, sure there will be people who are pretty much straight forward heartless, then there will be some people who are so chismosos (gossip people. ) From what I've experienced in the past is that for one, I can never trust another fellow bloodlines because they TELL EVERYTHING to my king/queen which I think is stupid on behave. Secondly, what I recommend for you is move on, there're better people, trust me there are. Some of the people on bloodlines are selfish and self absorbed. They don't care about others but themselves. (I'm sorry if it offends people) But you have to admit that no one is perfect and there will be baddies out there. Take my advice and just move on if you want to continue on the bloodlines then okay, that's your choice, but i recommend if your going to make a clan that you should warn them about these people. Also I believe that your king/queen are also what people may say "corrupted" Like the saying absolute power corrupts people absolutely, they think they own you. Which in reality well second life reality its only role play and they are like tiny RATS in the world both in-game and real life. Keep this in mind, no one owns you, if someone is trying to own you, or make your life miserable, remember this, if they just want to hurt people and there lives/ or make there gamer life miserable, they are pathetic and are no lifers. It's really stupid that they do that, pathetic, if i knew who they were i would tell them to there faces, there just RATS in a big world, rats that can be squashed so easily that they are going to BEG for forgiveness. (Sorry if I'm being like x.x mean, i just hate these kinds of people who would ruin someone’s reason to play, disgust me and should be banned from even role playing) >.< okay i said enough lol x.x i can go all night about this but that is all ~Ada
  18. You can try Mystara, but other than that im not quite sure it fits your liking.
  19. Hey and Welcome to SL. If you ever need someone to talk to, give some advice, or just do random things in sl you can always drop by me =) and ill give ya a blast You can add me as a friend if ya want too (may look mean but im really nice D:)
  20. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/13 (Truth Hair in marketplace) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/68414 (Noya for clothes/skins/make up) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/35849 (Enelya's Creations for clothes) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/6447 (Custom Ink for Clothing) That's all I can give for ya, you need to search inworld for there inworld stores, coz idk there SLurls.
  21. You can always look in the marketplace if ull like here's a link to it: https://marketplace.secondlife.com You can also earn a little bit of L$ at Linden Realms here's a link to it: http://secondlife.com/destination/linden-realms-portal-park-1 Also go on to the search box (It's the magnifying glass on the left side) Click on that, then type in the search box "Freebies" without the quotation marks then right next to it itll say Everything, click on it and change it to Places. Then go to a freebie place and there will be certaintly lots of Freebies. I reccomend Freebies Dungeon but then again I don't reccomend it due to there being Vampires and Lycans hunting for fresh blood/lumens. Heres a list of some freebie places to go to: http://www.sl2go.com/Freebies.htm Hope this helps ~ Helena
  22. What I reccomend is, get to know second life first. There is LOTS to do. Get to know how Second Life works and stuff. Which you can be doing for first 30 days. Plus some people are hiring people who are 30 days+ older (in second life time). Secondly, before getting a job, decide what you want to work as. There's lots of jobs, some active than others. For an example, the most active jobs will have to be the following; dancer, escort, host, and dj. I recommend if your going to choose one of these, to go to a club first and experience how they work/what they do on there job. This way you be visually experienced. But first, try waiting a little, like what they said above, theres lots of high quality freebies, sometimes the biggest shops offer freebies, and trust me there really good. I hope this helps. ~Loves Ada~
  23. What I reccomend is waiting 30 days, what I mean by this is, you need to be 30 days old to be hired from some of the jobs there are. People want employess that know how to play sl well. If your 30 days or older in sl, then don't worry about this. Next is, try to specify what you want to be. Trying researching what kind of jobs are there in second life, theres alot tbh, some hidden and some are like wide open. The most common jobs is escorts,dancers,hostess,djs, and managers. Since you don't want to be near slutty/nudity jobs, I reccomend not going with escort or Strip dancers/hosts. There are some clubs that requires you to strip for people. Ask (when you get interviewed by a club manager about one of the following jobs; Dancer/Host, ask if striping is required. Lastly, you don't have too but i reccomend it, go to a club and experience how people work, how the job is. That way, you may not be like physcially trained, but you can mentally prepared for it. Goodluck ^.^ ~Ada
  24. Hey Whalecum to sl (always wanted to say tht >.< Lol) If you wanna talk and chill out some time, just IM me Ada Snowbear I love meeting new people <3 ^^lol
  25. Well, still don't get the difference then lol. Since I know what emoting is, :-] <----emote to me (That’s what my definition of emotes is don’t understand here) And for the sounds gestures, you can get them at any freebie shop (Freebie Island/kingdom) don’t remember all the newbie shops x.x lol just search for free gestures and it'll give you shops that sells them for free (I hope) But for the good kinds, you need to buy them. That's all I know/remember when I was a newbie.
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