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  1. steph Arnott wrote:

    Why do people become lazy and type 1 instead of 1.0 when the complier has to convert it?

    An integer is a whole number and a float is a floating point number.

    People don't become lazy.  They ARE lazy :-)

    Please check the difference between 1/3 and 1/3.0 in almost any compiler you like to use.  In most cases the compiler is 'clever' enough to spot that only (fast) integer division is required in the first case - with the (integer) result 0.  In the second case the calculation 'ought to' use floating point division = 0.33333...

    There is no excuse for being lazy.

    Unless you know your compiler and don't care about any other use case.


  2. Sorry, this is spelt in English.

    Apart from that I demand that YOU pay me back my money right now because some other program doesn't work.

    How dare you ask what problems or what programs!  I shall take you all to court tomorrow morning, if I get up in time.


    [Enough for another year or two, I think.  Happy birthday Rolig - I really don't know how you put up with it]

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  3. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  In general LL will only take money from major US credit-cards and paypal backed by same ... if you're in the USA.  Should you happen to be anywhere else or use another banking system then, unlike every other company on the internet, LL can't work out how to let you pay them.

    This is a GOOD THING - it teaches you a) not to waste money you don't need to on SL, b) not to expect anything in SL to work as you'd expect it to ... if at all.


  4. Hello.  You appear to have taken a picture that you don't like.

    What is your question?

    If it is "depth of field" in what way do you think the depth of field is glitfched?  If you do no want depth of field defocussing have you considered turning it off?


  5. Some years ago, working for a large (US, as it happens) software house, we were told that the 'main conference room' and it's state-of-the-art audio-visual gear was available for bookings whenever we wanted it and for whatever purpose.  We thought it was a cool place to eat lunch and booked it then, when it was otherwise least wanted anyway, for ad-hoc tech conferences, updates, workshops, etc. while eating and chatting.

    Once when it was my turn to present I told every to focus on what was most important - and showed them "Custard" ^^

  6. Unfortunately LSL - Linden Scripting Language, used in Second Life - is based on English and nearly all the instructions and information about it are in English.

    LSL is not a difficult language to learn, by computer standards, but - as Steph will tell you - real-life language can make it a lot more difficult if you don't know how to program already.

    If you don' have experience writing computer programs you might like to try Robot Emil which is a fun way for beginner's to learn programming (not LSL) and has a Slovak version - it is free for educational purposes.

    @ Freya - there are quite a few non-English programming languages, although few that have ever caught-on outside their home countries. Possibly the best known is Karel, a teaching language, named after Karel Capek who introduced the word 'robot' to the world.

    @ Steph - nice find, well done.

    @ All - Robot Emil looks like fun! Could be a good project to recreate in SL too ;-)


  7. The others have explained how to pass a (string) message.  If you want to encode more than just an integer value within that string (eg; send "t=0" rather than just "0") there are two options:

    In either case you can't create variables by name so, unless you already have an integer variable called "t" you won't be able to use it.  JSON would probably be best here since you can associate values with keys and then use the JSON functions to retrieve the values.

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  8. LovingAndRejected wrote:

    Regarding timeouts: that also is a valid point. However, it doen't quite explain the freezes I had experienced because the script should still react to touch events in the case of an outstanding dataserver event...

    Very true - a dataserver request has no 'life' in the script until the responding event is raised so it shouldn't freeze the whole script and I didn't realise that was what was happening.  I thought it was simply that you weren't getting a response and so your script never got to issue the next request, so the whole thing became idle.

    Not responding to other events is more of an issue and not an easy one!  Since you're only issuing one request at a time, as the preceeding response is received you shouldn't be filling the event queue, which is about the only thing I can think of.

  9. SHTAX Waffle wrote:

    ...exact or best possible copy of the Real LIfe vehicle parts ( refferences and descriptions will be provided )

    -  all produced parts/objects will must stay fully under my copyright

    Do you in fact have copyright to those real life vehicle parts, or permission from the holder to reproduce them in mesh?

  10. The rather obvious one is that only the person wearing the HUD will hear it if is an attached sound.  If you want anyone else to hear it you HAVE to use an unattached one.

    Together this means that it is not possible for a HUD to publicly play sounds as the wearer moves around.

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