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  1. That did it! I marked as correct answer. Thank you.
  2. I'm volunteering with the SLCC this weekend and have to use the Viewer 2.0. I downloaded the Beta 2.1.1 (207725) but I have forgotten where to change the preference on the sidebar shifting the screen. Can someone please remind me. Thanks.
  3. Thank you. I selected the "correct answer 4 pts." I went with the Snowglobe to be safe since there are some viewer changes down the road. Works great! The graphics are amazing!
  4. Edit: I found a thread that indicates yes I can after I had submitted this question. So I am modifying to ask what is the best viewer for the MacBook Pro?
  5. I have a MacBook Pro I use for school.  Can I run SL on it?  If so, what is the best viewer?  Thanks in advance.
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