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  1. Hi Qie, I'm afraid that is above my current level of expertise.... But I will look into it further. Thank you for your reply :-)
  2. Hi Xiija, while writing you a reply that I couldn't get it to work, I realized what I had done wrong, :-) Works like a charm! Thank you! regards, Lucka
  3. Hey all, I am making a Compass HUD to set wind direction and speed on a boat. I have placed 8 prims (N, NE, E, etc) on a compass background and clicking those (so the sent command is in any of the 8 prims) sends the approriate wind heading to the boat, so far so good. Now, I'd like a compass needle to show which heading has been selected. Created a texture with only the needle showing and want the needle texture to rotate according to the heading selected (counting from N, for example). 1. Does anyone know how to make a prim (not the clicked one!) rotate, after another has been touched? 2. Do I need to script this in the main prim (Compass face), the setting prim(s) (N, NE, E, etc)? Scripting it in the needle prim doesn't make any sense as that is not touched, imho.... 3. How do I make sure that the needle always points in the right heading after consequetive heading changes? Reset to N every time it sets to the new heading? New to scripting, already proud I got the 1st bit working, lol, so any advice help is very welcome! Lucka PS: I've added a pic to show how this looks.. the red areas are the "hotspots" to click to run the actual "change heading" script. PS2: If someone should think: Totally wrong way to go about it, please let me know! Willing to learn :-)
  4. Hi All, Thanks for all the input! I've been in touch with the designer and she gave me the channel number and voila! works like a charm! Now, don't go relaxing too much as my next move is making this HUD ready to read the UUID information from a notecard and step 3 in this project is trying to retexture the complete boat through a HUD :matte-motes-sunglasses-1::matte-motes-sunglasses-1: I am pretty sure I will have more questions to ask/issues to resolve!! Anyway, as my first ever script and my introduction to the scripting community, I could not be any happier with the help all of you provided! Hugz to all, Lucka
  5. Just found out that replies aren't posted under the relevant post, so I will give my answers in one post. @ Rolig: Maybe that is the only correct way out, talking to the creator and see if he will cooperate. If he would give me a channelnumber I am assuming that the problem is solved as the boat specifficaly listens on that channel? Or is there something else I have to take into account? @ Qie: See my reply to Rolig. As for the boat in question, trust me.. the maker (and this boat in particular) is the most successfull boat builder in SL of this moment. As an avid sailor, myself, I would say she corners more than 45% of the total market :-) @ Innula: I think that IS the problem... As I don't have access to the boat's script I cannot "make" the boat listen to anything.... The reason why (I thought) it should be dynamic is to make sure that I can sell the HUD to you, or anyone else , and be certain it picked up the right owner credntials... You start the HUD, you can change the textures BECAUSE you are the owner. I will contact the Scripter and ask him if he is willing to provide more information to do this. As soon as Ihave that I will post back here. All, thanks for your feedback so far!!
  6. I will try llRegionSay, but don't think it will work... I do not have control over the script which is in the Sail (boat), so cannot add the llListen command..... That is if I understand your solution correctly. I will try and post outcome.
  7. Well, as far as I understand my boat (:matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:) that is exactly what happens.. As the boat is no transfer it makes sense to make sure only the owner can change the textures of the sails. Mind you, the rest of the boat is textured the normal way, but the sails can only be textured in the way I described.... Not going into why it would be a silly way to script the boat, this is the way it is. Understanding that no scripted object can say something for someone else, do you guys have any way of making this happen, because I know it can be done. I have a texturepack (bought from a competitor), complete with HUD which does exactly what I want, but being a texturemaker myself I wanted to make my own HUD to sell with my packs... Any advice is welcome!
  8. Hi, I seem to be stuck at what appears to be a very simple thing to do.... So, I have a boat which listens to specific commands to change the texture of one of it's sails (via local chat): "texture mainsail UUID". Whenever I issue this command with a valid UUID this works. Now I have created a HUD which issues that command to the (rezzed) boat and it doesn't work. Instead of my avatar ("Me") saying this in local, the prim is now saying it and this (of course) is not recognized as the boat's owner. Is there a way to make a prim say something in name of it's owner (in this case) or am I going at this the wrong way? Thanks, Lucka PS: I don't want my name or av-UUID hardcoded, I need it to adapt to whomever is using the HUD.
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