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  1. Oh...I'm with you on that parent mode thing...lol I don't feel SL's main grid is in any way appropriate for the under 18 sect.......nor child avis but that's for another thread I think...lol I did notice the short replies from her...but I also saw a few adults provoking a 14 year old...lol Don't necessarily agree with her philosophy on respecting one's elders.....despite how any adult spoke to me when I was 14...if I talked back..I got a backhand upside the head from my mom...wasn't my place to put an adult in theirs......seeing that no matter how smart I thought I was, I had only been
  2. Wow...the hostility in this thread is palpable.....on both sides...lol Obviously the OP did wrong...SL has this particular rule for multiple reasons and I agree with all of them...and the idea of children roaming the main grid, I'm sure, freaks a lot of people out, myself included.....things are worn and done on the adult grid that no child should witness.....and altho the OP insists her joining for one particular aspect of SL doesn't negate the fact that they shouldn't do it all, and should be banned for it... Now....part of the OP I do agree with is that SL certainly doesn't
  3. I too could not believe her post and HAD to reply with a comment myself....read yours and it rocked...hehe I browsed throught the blog and noticed this is a common practice. Going to what she deems "illegal" sims and setting these poor guys up without ANY leeway into "I'm reporting you!!" I am so not a fan of blatant sexual IMs...but the majority of the conversations I read are not blatant at all.....And how freely she calls these men out on her public forum is frightening. The guys seem so confused with her venom and say "But we are in a place FOR this...??" I am guilty of posting
  4. Wow.....if you are a perv...you are the most polite perv in SL.....lol I WISH a man would approach me in that manner.....I get more offensive IMs when I'm simply shopping or sitting at my home sim. I read nothing that deserved her vindictive post. And yeah...if she didn't want to hook up, then she shouldn't have been in a sex sim...plain and simple. Sounds to me like her SLife was a bit boring at the moment and she needed a drama injection.....sorry she had to throw you into her pathetic dilusion... I'm one of those women that DO actaully get harrassed......a lot.....and I'm quic
  5. Only browsed through the above comments...if I'm repeating someone, I apologize... I find when a pose is set to 4 in strength....it will override your head movements. When not and taking pics of myself...I simply alt ctrl and click myself...it will automatically shift your avi's attention strait forward. I also control my cam by holding down those and moving the mouse around after clicking my avi to find the perfect angle...I find it a lot smoother then messing with the cam controls manually.
  6. yeah...havin' issues myself as well...... Silly me tried to relog when I couldn't TP or rez anything.....now I can't get back in at all...hehe 'Spose I could go be productive in my RL....................hahahhahahahhahahhahahah
  7. oh thank god I'm not the only one!!! Just got back from having to reformat my hard drive due to being smacked with 76 hellah viruses...and now a good 45% of my inventory is gone..poof...empty folders...... I have noticed that some of my stuff is slowly making it way back....sloooooowly.....2 weeks back in world and maybe 5 of those folders have gotten their contents back....I don't know what advice to give you but to wait it out and see what returns....and what doesn't..... I've heard people in the past mention loosing stuff and sending a lot of trans info to LL and they got the
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