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  1. The upgrade is normally possible, but you, of course have to pay the difference in setting up price and tier, I was just wondering if the promotion could be applied in this case also, since, as you noticed, there is no mention of this particular case... but they also don't state that it is not possible, so you'll never know =) I was hoping somebody asked this already and knew the answer, since I can't seem to get a reply from LL today.
  2. Yes, I've read that also, but nowhere they mention the fact that the promotion is valid for upgrades also and that's the answer I'm trying to find =)
  3. Yep, already checked that, that's why I'm asking the question here =)
  4. Hi all! Does anybody know if the promotion is valid also for the upgrade to full sim from an homestead? I can't seem to find any info about it. Tyvm in advance for your replies!
  5. Thank you guys, it worked! I was using all the bones, but didn't realize that they weren't being exported in the .dae file. I just added the missing bones names manually and it worked perfectly! Thank you again ^^
  6. Hello everybody ^^ I read a lot of posts here, but couldn't find a satisfying answer. I'm trying to upload a rigged mesh made in 3ds max 2009, but when I click on skin and joints (in SL) the upload button disappears. Since I read that other people with different versions of 3ds max were able to upload rigged meshes without problems I was wondering if maybe mine could be a 3ds max 2009 related issue. I tried to export with Autodesk Collada (using the latest version of the FBX converter) and Open Collada with no success. I also tried different export settings. Any suggestion about what I might h
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