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  1. I would like to know the answer to this too, as I am also having the same issue. I also use a mac osx
  2. ISP provided by bell canada. the technician accessed my computer remotely...he moved my mouse and checked all the settings and ports...
  3. nevermind, i called my internet provider, they checked my router settings and said everything is normal...but still cant play the game tho! :'(
  4. I have a very perplexing issue which me and my friends cannot resolve. Here are the details in point form for easy reading: 1) I'm using a brand new MacbookPro Version 10.7.2 and log onto the internet through my home WIFI. Ever since I first downloaded SL, I have been having these issues- I'm stuck on one sim and cannot teleport, I cannot see neighbouring sims, the names from my friends list appears as "loading...", and I cannot hear voice chat. Other than that, everything else functions smoothly. I must note that when loading up SL, the screen says, "Requesting Region Capabilities Attempt 1..2..3.." 2) I have an old Dell laptop which i had SL downloaded on it from May of 2011. I connect to SL using my home WIFI, and SL works perfect, without any issues. 3) As an experiment, I brought my MacbookPro to my friends house (about 30kms away), and connected to SL through her WIFI, and SL worked perfectly, without any issues (this is what baffles me). 4) At the suggestion of friends, I have attempted to use alternate viewers, and even connecting my MacbookPro using an ethernet cable (as opposed to using my home WIFI), but without any luck. Is there anyone here that could possible give me any pointers?? Thanks in advance.
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