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  1. please, please, please merchants... resellers.. or other store owners UPDATE your references to your inworld places in your products and Marketplace ... I been looking for a boat today, and ended at least 7 times at places you been once, but clearly left long ago... update your info...of course only when you like to sell something and don't need the money anymore.... because i won't buy something when i can't see or demo it before purchase.
  2. it's a lot less wild ideas, they are not looking for land, just collecting data about visitors, traffic or any other public statistics.
  3. Premium itself doesn't really make your SL better, but you get a few things in return for it, as a house or land tier level, a weekly stipend and extended support. But you say you need the tech support, general tech support can be given here by your fellow residents too... if you mean just to learn things, that's not something the Linden Lab support will help you with. The only real help you would get by LL are rare issues as with payments or serious issues with your account (=is not your avatar)
  4. actually ... it depends on when your account is made, and been premium before or not. If you'r old, and never been premium, you will get the high stipend. If you ever downgraded it will be only the current level available. Account created within Basic Premium (unknown) - 2006-05-28 L$50 (*) L$500 2006-05-29 - 2006-07-20 L$0 L$500 2006-07-21 - 2006-10-31 L$0 L$400 2006-11-01 - current L$0 L$300
  5. perhaps you could post a pic how you were dresses... leather jacket with bra and skirt can be reason to be asked to wear more or leave... if it's so easy to see yo didn't wear underwear i wouldn't even ask to put it on but ban without notice. I don't say you were indecent... but some people think they can do what they want...
  6. for $ 40.63 you would have the same at LL, limit buy would even be less and more L$
  7. perhaps look a bit lower on the forum, there arre several time this is answered, hope this helps http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Your-Avatar/My-computer-crashed-and-now-im-a-smoke-cloud-is-it-forever-c/td-p/2784022 http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Your-Avatar/Cloud/td-p/2778944 http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Your-Avatar/Avatar-Issue/td-p/2778772
  8. make a ticket.... i did some time ago and my old account was back in two days, had great help
  9. please spread this to everybody : stop thinking clearing cach solves problems with your viewer!... it is no miracle tool, just makes your first time after log in again laggier than ever before when you come back because it has to load everything new from nothing again.
  10. keep thinking about it, but don't do it :smileywink: the regular shapes and skins together with some add ons are much more versatile and thousends of items to find for it to wear and add, mesh avatars are still very limited in that.
  11. ehmmm... the post you are refering to ‎06-13-2011 02:49 PM it's 2014 now......
  12. you can't compare homestead land with mainland, homesteads aren't owned by LL but a privat landlord fellow resident, they have a different pricing and rules for use. a homestead is 65536 sqm with 3750 prims , so a quarter is 16348 with 937 prims, the 4096 on fullprim sims/mainland have also 937 prims but at that stops all what you can compare. a homestead is about 135 usd a month for your landowner (ex vat, if he has to pay that) so the price for your rent will be a little more than the 135/4 . your landowner likes to get a little profit too if you own /rent a part of a homestead this will not change your landtier to LL, you pay directly to the landlord.
  13. perhaps you want to use my glasses?? it's written many times now : you only can do as they asked in the email... that means answering the questions, contact them by Phone or send in a ticket... and they are no admins because you communicate with the office of the company that owns and runs SL, so employees.... i had contact with them in the past and recently... never felt they didn't want to help or not solve a problem. But follow the route they ask.
  14. this is a USER to USER forum.... no managers or mods will respond to you here, only your tickets, or responds on that will get to LL employees
  15. when you have give false information in your personal data, and need help for your account you might have problem proving it's really you. LL will need your rl info to be able reinstate your account after a hack or a not longer active emailaccount, DOB is one of the things they can ask you
  16. perhaps usefull: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Streaming_Music
  17. is it really that difficult to find the rental threads?
  18. ...perhaps try empty temp files and cookies, sometimes problems are that easy (besides that of course your other accounts are alts .... all avatars are accounts )
  19. if you rent a skydome i would first look at your primcount... mostly renting skye objects don't come with a lot of prims... your skybox might exceed your limit contact your landlord if you'r not sure
  20. block the website.?... not sure that will work in sl block/ mute the the object itself and it will be gone
  21. the machine itself can run sl, but where i'm worried about is the graphics... the most importand part and you don't mention it. lot of laptops have onboard graphics... that will be almost never a total pleasing situation. i3 is ok 4gb memory is ok 500gb hd is ok W7 is ok
  22. i see over 55000 people online this moment so somehow Linden is doing right to them. Most likeley your machine or internet connection isn't able to let you stay online. Perhaps using wifi?...search the forums for that... you'll find that it's not suported for SL, use a cable to see if it is better.
  23. if the parcel isn't too large the amount that selling will bring you can be lower than paying a month more at tiers...abandon can be cheaper when the due date is close
  24. if it's premium land in the meaning of a Linden Home you can't sell it, only abandon when it's normal mainland it's often not worth the trouble selling it, prices are sometimes only 0.1L$ per sqm .. when it's your premium tier free parcel it would bring you a few L$ .... ... of course you can try selling it, but won't be a big loss when you have to abandon it before your new premium period starts...
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