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  1. Ok -- it's working now on my PC, after 16.5 hours (across all browsers). I've changed nothing on my end (so I can only assume this was, maybe a DNS issue -- with my system locked-in to a server that was having issues).
  2. Nope -- I cannot access it in any browser on my computer (or in incognito mode). This makes no sense. Secondlife.com is the only page I cannot see on my computer, but if I use my phone I can get to it just fine.
  3. The status page says secondlife.com is operational (and "No incidents reported today"). I don't have difficulty going inworld or visiting any of your other websites (marketplace.secondlife.com, the blog, forums, status.secondlifegrid.net, my.secondlife.com, etc.), but I've not been able to get to secondlife.com for the past 12 hours. My browsers (I tried Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Brave) all spin their wheels for a minute, then indicate: "site can't be reached".
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