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  1. It's rapidly becoming apparent that that's exactly what I need to do. Thanks all for your help.
  2. There were no Linden plants, I don't like them. And the land I'm currently on has over 3,000 prims available. That's more than the total number of prims I had on my previous plot. But it might be a permissions issue.
  3. It disappears from inventory for a few seconds and I hear the usual rattling (?) noise when something is being rezzed. Only it doesn't rez, it just reappears in inventory, original folder, and there's no message of any kind. There's more than enough prim availability on the land to accomodate it. P.S. The object is no copy, no mod, no transfer.
  4. Remember when you AR to be as specific as you can. Date, time, location, name of griefer, any chat logs or screen shots that might be relevant. LL won't trouble themselves with your complaint otherwise, but they will if you give all relevant information and behaviour is genuinely contrary to ToS.
  5. I recently vacated some land, and to save time used the Return function thinking I'd sort it all out later. The way it worked however was that everything was returned as compound objects. I was able to rez and sort all but one. The last defies all attempts to rez it, even on my own land. Every time I try a rez it just gets returned to inventory without a message of any kind. Very frustrating. Does anyone know how to solve this problem ?
  6. No doubt this is all true, but what I'm asking for is something much simpler. The transfer of an entire inventory to another character. The Copy/Transfer problem doesn't arise because no one can use this method to make copies and sell them. The inventory still exists in its previous form and with the same owner but nominally attached to a different avatar. Avatars don't buy stuff, you do. It's your credit/debit card that foots the bill. You have a right to what you paid for. It seems extraordinary that you should lose what you bought through a flawed structure. The solution is to amend the structure.
  7. If an entire inventory is transferred then clearly all copies are transferred too. No one's being ripped off. A shared inventory would be a different matter. This could only be implemented between alts of the same basic account for reasons already described.
  8. Another good idea that I'd be happy with. It being a method by which one can start afresh without having to fork out a small fortune again. Vis a vis the issue of support, I think that comes under the heading of "a small price to pay", and I've no doubt the great majority would be prepared to pay it.
  9. "Nice idea in theory, how do you do that in practice?" I've no idea. I leave that to programmers. "If an alt was purely defined as accounts set up with the same DOB, email address & signed into from the same computer or IP address, then yeah it could work, but I doubt that that is true for every case or that it wouldn`t be open to abuse." I used the term "alts" but in fact there's no good reason why it shouldn't also apply to other people's accounts. The only ethical justification for a No Transfer policy is to prevent the unscrupulous from copying and re-selling. This problem wouldn't apply where an entire inventory was transferred. Inevitably some vendors take advantage and apply both No Copy & No Transfer to their products. There is an argument that this shouldn't be allowed anyway. Anaiya Arnold said "I'm a bit confused about the point of starting a new account and transferring everything you own to it. That kind of makes it the same account with a different account name. I doubt the Lab will devote resources to coding that feature, and suspect their advice would be to settle for a different display name." LL may well suggest that, but it's not the same, for reasons that on reflection will be apparent. "It would be better to let us link accounts on the backend and share a single inventory (preferably accessible for basic editing on a web-page, especially move, copy, paste, delete, new folder), etc, but creators who sell multiple items to users who want one for each account would be a bit short-changed by this." Excellent idea, and one I'd be happy to settle for. As to creators being "short changed"....it's easy to see all the interminable arguments for and against this. For my part, I resent having to buy the same item twice or thrice and have little sympathy as long as vendors can apply No Copy & No Transfer to the same item.
  10. I understand about permissions - copy/mod/transfer - and why they're necessary. I also understand about their drawbacks, and it's one problem in particular that I'm concerned with here. I've been in SL for over 2 years now and I've accumulated a lot of stuff, most it No Transfer. And now I'm stuck. I don't want to think about how much that all cost, and should I want to start over with a new character I'd have to leave all that kit behind. I can't off hand think of a good reason why there shouldn't be a special transfer process between alts, encompassing an entire inventory. That is, the entire inventory of a character would be transferred from one account to another. This would not compromise the No Copy and No Mod restrictions, and would remain within what I see as the spirit of No Transfer. No doubt some will disagree. I'd like to hear why.
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