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  1. Kristen S21(9) has taken down their download links, and I believe I am using the older autodesk colada that did not have issues...
  2. I watched this video SLAV, 3ds Max 2012, Kristen S21(9) and did what whas done there. I am using 3ds max 2010 SLAV to bring in the rig FBX 2011.3.1 Plug-in for 3ds Max 2011 64-bit and SL Viewer 3.0.3 (240895) to import to aditi test grid. Everything works as the video until I check Skin weights and the upload box dissapears.
  3. Reply Thanks for the awsome help. I didnt know where to ask first, but I spen a few hours searching google for the answer first. ! was finding was the standard group gift scrips only, I didn't know how to ask google specificaly what I wanted.
  4. I have seen a bunch of gift givers that work with the same group command but is it possible to have a prim belong to one group and the gift be given to a certian other group. Reason for this is My store is in an area where scripts are disabled except for the store owners group, and customers are not allowed in this group. I dont understand LSL at all but it seem like you could fairly easily change llSameGroup to if avatar key matches "6r8i756r8i7r76rr6r" give him a cupie doll.
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