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  1. it is the same as a ban and he was removed from all groups in which he was a member of
  2. it does happen since he has last logged into sl since Oct 29 2014 now all of a sudden he is no longer the owner of the group that he has that owns land so you are mistaken lindens do ban a member for non payment of land tier
  3. my friends do have no copy items on the land i cannot afford to take it over as is i have now just what i myself can comfortably afford i do not know if any of the other members can afford to take it over however none of them own the group it sure would be nice if they give a warning before taking it also i think it is not fair to ban someone because some thing happen to them so they are no longer able to log in to sl let alone keep paying for land how it should work is like this rather then bill for land you owned in previous month they would bill a month in advance the moment you purchase land then as soon as you cannot pay once again in advance they take back the land but not ban you from second life
  4. I has friends that are still using this land so i guess my question is how long will it be before they actually take back the land? Also will lindens give any of the members of this group any warning?
  5. What happens if something happens to land owner of mainland? OK the land owner who is also a dear friend has been missing now since Oct 29, 2014 I just now noticed he is no longer a member of even the group that he owns which still owns Mainland so I can only assume that lindens have banned him for non payment of land tiers I know that one other member is named as owner of the group but it is only a title and she is not really a co owner what happens now to the land? Does Linden Lab pursue the members of the group that still owns that land? Although he is a close friend in second life i do not know what may have happened to him in his real life but can only assume he was killed or critically injured because he has not been able to return or log in to second life i know this because i know he would not leave us with out saying something to us all.
  6. thanks for the advice Tiffy :smileytongue: I now have one question Why is it that some replies here have been removed as well as my replies to the replies that have been removed?
  7. Since I have been a member of sl I have seen several friends get perm ban from sl not sure why? wrong place at wrong time? I role play a kid although I am an adult in my real life and i want to know just what do I need to do to protect myself? so I do not get in trouble. Also someone told me just having adult items in your inventory can be a cause for a ban. Is this True?
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