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  1. A few friends and I will be creating a group for both organised and spontaneous Roleplay in the Blake Sea regions. Given the vast amount of space and potential for discoveries, its the perfect place to create new experiences. We'll be going for a near-future setting where plenty has gone wrong. The specifics are still up for discussion! Most common races and character concepts should be acceptable. We're likely to start out as fortune hunters in dire straights and see where that takes us. As to whether we'll be using a dice system with rules, or go purely freeform is still being discussed as well. If this intrigues you, or you're an orphaned RP'er without a place to call home, send me an IM in-world and we'll talk more.
  2. I have a little roleplay group for RP'ing as a band of bad ladies around Blake and other areas. Story setting is near-future with traces of scifi-fantasy thrown in the mix. We rp anything from securing weapon caches, following leads on lost relics to simply trying to survive storms and everything in between. If you consider yourself a seasoned, patient roleplayer with an eye for immersion and detail, consider IMing me!
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