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  1. Yes, unchecking the Basic Shaders solves the problem indeed. Since most of the viewers happen to use the same source, this problem occurs in most, if not all viewers. The unchecking of Basic Shader in the Graphics section does the trick. Thx a million, hope it will be fixed in next upgrades. I have Intel's HD4000 and AMD's HD 7730M with a total of 4GB of graphic memory, and was scratching the back of my head....
  2. I know this is kind of a late answer, but never the less... In Lumiya you can use the search function too and look for places of interest for one. Once you tp there, as in regular viewers that are not running on Android, you can save a landmark. You can also head to the Second Life website and browse through the different sites, places and sims, ad copy the locations you like to the clipboard. You can than copy and paste in Lumiya and save the location again as an LM. Working with Lumiya is not like working on a fast pc or laptop....that much is for sure. Still, if you want to have some e
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