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  1. I need some help to set so my ass and breast don't wobble so much. I'm using Phoenix but I can't find where I could change that setting. Really appreciate if someone could help. Best regards Smilla Lowey PS. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YA ALL
  2. Yes you can link your payment method to another account that you have.
  3. I spend many L$ in SL but I have some problem every month when I buy L$ with my Paypal account. Every month Paypal block my payments to Linden Research, Inc. because the secyritysystem they have think it is a fraud and they dont know why it act like that The people at Paypal say that if I get a Direct Debit to Linden Research, Inc. every month there should not be any problem with the system anymore. Is it possible to set a direct debit to Linden Research, Inc.? If it is.......were do I enable that? (I dont have a normal creditcard so thats why I use Paypal.) Have a nice day. Best Regards Smilla Lowey (Sweden)
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    I'm going to upgrade to premium but not sure what they mean so I have one question..... I will choose "USD 28.13 (USD 9.38 per month, billed quarterly)" and the small text under say like this... "If you choose to upgrade to a Premium membership you will be charged immediately for the full amount of the subscription plan specified. The amount due will be deducted from your credit card or the USD balance on your account." Does that mean that they take 28.13$ when I choose membership plan or do they take 9.38$ every month? Still morning here so I might have missunderstod it all. Have a nice day all Smilla Sweden Thanks you for the help........
  5. Me and my boyfriend use the same Paypal and it have worked good for over 1 year. Now non of us can buy lindens and this give us big problems because we cant pay for our homestead. A few days ago we did send to support about this but stil no answer from them. We have also talked to support at Paypal and they say that it should work. The message we get is this.... "Your Linden Dollar Order We were unable to fulfill your Linden Dollar order.Your payment either failed or took too long to complete. If your payment completes, the amount will be placed on your USD account balance. This balance will be used automatically the next time you attempt a purchase." We even did try to ad the paypal account agin but stil the same problem and same message show. Anyone knows what to do?? We have 6 days left before we loose the homestaed. Best Regards Smilla Lowey and Lucas Warrhol SWEDEN
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