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  1. Oh! I did not see your reply, sorry! I've filed a ticket for him just now. I hope LL doesn't gripe at me for doing it for him, instead of him doing it himself. :<
  2. Also, I'm aware we should--well, he should--open a Support Ticket or something, but he's already really frustrated and I don't want to push him about it anymore. Can an admin please just knock his account, squarelemons Resident, offline?
  3. So, last night my partner and I got stuck on a ridable item. The "Stand Up" button wouldn't work, so we both relogged. After a few tries I was able to get in fine, but his account has been bugged since last night. My minimap, radar, MystiTool, AND friend's list say he's online and still in the sim we were in. ..He's not. He's logged out and SL won't let him back in. I know a sim reboot will fix this, but the owner hasn't been on in a while. Can anyone help us out? This is a horrible first impression for the game, and I feel bad for wasting his time now. I'd really like to try and fix it for him before he just drops the idea altogether. :/ I would post in the "Answers" section or something, but I feel more comfortable asking in an open forum.
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