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  1. How do you make it so that advanced viewer pops up automatically when you download Second Life 2.0? I work for a college campus that uses Second Life. We have it installed on all computers on campus but they have to switch from basic to advanced every time a class wants to use Second Life. Currently basic viewer is poping up we need the advanced viewer to show up. We also cannot use a different viewer due to needing to view the web on prims. I could not find anything on the internet that answers this question. Thanks! Hope to hear back soon. I guess the problem is that we have many students logging into many different computers because this is for a college campus. It is Second Life downloaded on the large scale. We need student to not have to change to advanced at all. It would be nice to have it start up on advanced because then to change to advanced confuses them and is one more step. They need access to their inventory for classes on Second Life. I am wondering what triggers Second Life to start up with basic mode so we can override that and change it to advanced viewer right away when we download the updates to the computers. Everytime we do an update we delete the old version off all the computers which forces them to switch back to basic mode. Students get annoyed switching to advanced mode or forget then are really lost because the screen does not look the same.
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