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  1. I finally under preferences...avatar health...choose avatar....was able to choose a linden default avatar that overrode and replaced my worn inventory so that I could start over. However now I look like an expensive monstrosity. And it appears that baked layers stay on your body....though I have gone back to my 4.9 body....I can still see "squares" where chest skin and the hair trailed down your stomach are...remnants of a bake though I am no longer wearing the skin. I see no way to remove the baked layers from the avi....I hope this is not so. After FIVE hours of this...I can't tell
  2. I tried out the new Signature 5.0 BOM body...struggled a bit..had to find a new skin in hopes of meshing skin color with head....appeared everything was fine except the typical battle to match Signature 2.8 head skin to the BOM body...decided to take a break from the battle and logged off earlier today. Since I have logged back in I am a permanent orange cloud. Tried the usual stuff...have spent two hours...nothing worked. Primary issue is that I can not remove clothing..etc..though inventory appears to be fine and loaded. I tried going back to a 4.9 "naked" outfit...now I show in inve
  3. I never said or indicated any impatience. It was simply frustration with being sent web content that interested me....i responded...used the stated process...but had to GIVE UP my existing home prior to registering for a new one and THEN find out none were available. So 1) LL should not send or direct people to content that isn't available at the time they send it and 2) the very smart programmers at LL could simply have the button ..when you click it....indicate "check back later....no new ones are available now but they are comin'".............I could simply have stayed in my existing home
  4. Oh please...give take Corana platitudes a break....my point was that the button should be BLOCKED when the homes aren't currently available and they aren't....
  5. Decided to update to one of the new Linden homes based on the SL web page for them that popped up when I logged into the website today. Seemed like perfect timing...It notes that if you are an existing premium member "click here" to start enjoying your exciting new home...lol. Like an idiot, I fell for it and followed all the rules.......pick up ya stuff...abandon land....THEN register for new land.........now wait for it................. The only choices are the same old tired desires from TEN YEARS AGO! Now that I've read more....apparently demand has seriously outstripped sup
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