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  1. On behalf of the DJ and Staff of Castle Dark Haven, we want to thank you Oz for all the work you've done so far. Here's hoping code can be patched temporarily till a permanent solution is found. I had wanted to change over to a different group but the sim owner lives in Tokyo and one doesn't phone there often unless it's an absolute emergency. Keep working on it and I'm sure our wait will have been worthwhile.
  2. There are a lot of things I could say, in a followup to all the other messages but I'll just stick to some simple items. SecondLife has grown a great deal since the simple little xml based system(that might have had some seed money from the Nez). For a long long time it's just been growing like crazy and when ever a problem occurs more often then not it's just patched. 1. It's going to be a slow and agonising business but the server code has got to be redone in something other then C++. Misuse of C++ has been responsible for more f*cked up systems worldwide then anything else around. A proper programming team needs to be given access to the code and do something in another language. I appreciate what the "Firemen" have done in patching and other stuff but the server codes need a rewrite from the bottom up. 2. There are dependacies in the viewer code and server code that should be removed - most of the music and other media streams go thru the SL servers at some point in their journeys; that should be left to the users' systems once the server gives them the link to a stream. 3. Absolutely no new features added to the SecondLife system for at least 6 months to a year; mindlessly piling on new features again and again has damaged the system in many ways. The physics system is very impressive but it took a long time to get it working right with SL, same with mesh and other features. Linden Labs has a sick code base: that needs to be fixed first before throwing more things on to the system. 4. Work on Sansar should stop and the team working on that help with the main systems and make notes as they go. So they don't make all the same errors that original programmers of SL did - not planning for expansion, nesting many calls for resources so deep that DB machines often timeout on requests if the network is lagging even a little(i.e. Saturday nights). There are no doubt many other problems but if a good foundation is laid, the code should keep going for many more years. Making SL and Sansar sisters instead of vaguly related systems would go a long ways to helping the stability of these virtual systems.
  3. I really wish the people running Linden Labs these days would make some detailed and long term plans for what they want to do. SecondLife is a success inspite of them; it needs long term nurturing now and proper care of the infrastructure, both servers and virtual stuff that many hundreds of people have ceated and worked hard on. **bleep**s going to happen from time to time. Like that comment regarding learning from history - if you don't try and plan ahead for troubles your going to take a hard fall eventually. That damages your revenue and makes the users wary of anything you say. Secondlife is a unique place; we need help with doing things from time to time. Linden Labs has been content to collect their usage charges and wax all flowery about all their great plans they will emplement "real soon now". We need them down in the trenches with us when we have serious troubles.
  4. Dover has been in restart now for 3 hours. I will file another trouble ticket too.
  5. Dover has been down now for almost 2 full hours. I sent in a ticket after the first hour. I'm hearing of others sims that are still in restart too, but unsure how long some of them have been offline.
  6. I had the magical dolphins out in my homestead for a couple months. About every other night I would notice a dolphin would disappear and end up in Lost & Found. It was a mystery that took a while to solve. The dolphins tend to move quickly at times and if they are near a sim boundary they will often run right into it - that results in them going out of the sim or sometimes they will just be floating there. I've found the Air Kraken have the same problem and I'd find them floating near sim boundary around 200 meters high. A simple solution is to just not use fast moving animals; I replaced the dolphins with sharks and I had almost no troubles at all. They move slow enough that they don't blindly plow into the sim boundary. Visitors didn't really care for the sharks though. They tended to get killed by the sharks a lot; though there have been daredevils who would ride around, teasing them.
  7. I have a homestead I'm trying to sell quickly. I only wanted $150 USD for it - I will have taken care of the current usage charge by July 15th, it's yours after that. An old medical bill I thought settled is causing me extreme grief right now. Please forward all replies to "Misk Firethorn" on SL as I'm not sure if Linden Labs will allow my account to stay unfrozen. For the curious the homestead name is "The Shadowlands".
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