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  1. Took the words right out of my mouth ^ One of the many things LL is not very good at imo. Making things more confusing then it needs to be
  2. So basically creators or people who use SL as a real job who make content/do things to aquire Lindens to convert into real money for an Income? 🤔
  3. Thank you for your quick response. that is helpful to know. Also, I don't feel right about having them know my social security and address, to me that feels like a violation of my privacy and potential risk of unknowns to come and be. *shrugs* T_T i dont plan on ever converting lindens into money also so. i feel like having a Tilia account would be irrelevant for me. but ah well.
  4. I just need to understand if i will get charged for not using my account, as long as i have 0 on my account both SL and this Tilia thing, i wont be charged for inactivity right? cuz i do take long breaks from time to time from SL i'd hate to login 3 months later and be negative something amount of dollars or lindens.
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