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  1. Full Private island "shihuahua lagoon" for sell 450 US$ included fees transfer. Next Tiers due on 5.05.2012. Please contact me in world or Bastien monday. Drop a notecard, I will reply quickly. Renters are informed of owner changed and would be leaving in 13 days.
  2. thanks peggy, it seems it s all about a sim surrounding not letting people using scripted items. i have no idea why. maybe the invisible prims or mega prims are indirectly on the way of those items. Thanks for trying to help, have a great day
  3. thanks for your support. yes the land is mine and all was setup the same way. It seems i found out what was the problem. It s a sim surround who was stopping some scripts to work. i have no idea why, but since i removed the sim surround all is working fine now.. all scripts items are responding correctly. Thanks for trying.. i ll have to live with the sim surrounding stopping certain items as it seems that the script in fact were working fine.
  4. Hi all, Is anybody able to tell me why there is some scripted items working on some parts of the sim and not on other ones?... all the setting are the same all over. thanks :D
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