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  1. You don't IM first huh. Well, how do you explain the offline IM i got in my email earlier, containing your initial flaming? I surely didn't IM you prior to that. Your logs are meaningless. Anyone can fabricated a notecarded IM. All a Linden has to do is look at your IM's from their side and they will see that you surely IM'd me first, threatening me. My ISP timestamps all incoming email, so, comparing times/dates of sent messages will be no problem whatsoever. Just grow up and go watch your cartoons or play WoW. And stop accusing me of being a child just to try to get me banned. I used my dri
  2. Please clarify that your are NOT talking about ME being a cheater....because I have no clue who you are and I simply cannot be a cheater for the simple fact that I live alone RL and have been single for 3 years.And I keep to myself on SL and build, thats all I do. I hardly EVER leave my sim. Your post makes it sound like you're talking about me. Please clarify exactly who you are talking about here. I believe you're talking about Varian, but it doesn't look that way.
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