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  1. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Zeta Zemach wrote: When I posted the picture of the fairy -it was meant as a general comment on the stereotypes of female avatars. Apparently SL is not the right place to discuss gender roles or gender stereotypes -I got it. However I'm still allowed to voice my opinion on this issue. As for the Adult content -I've been to a club a couple of times -this is not what this debate is about. Can we move on please? Given that female avatars are created by their owners and engage in the behaviors that they do voluntarily, you can't draw any conclusion about stereoty
  2. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: First the picture of the fairy is not anything like the other two. I see more flesh on a typical summer day at the pool. When Disney created Tinkerbell in 1953 they put her in a strapless mini dress. Very risqué for that time period. Animator Marc Davis' personification of her as a winged pixie with a very womanly figure was widely criticized as too sexually suggestive by Barrie purists, especially after it was rumored that she was modeled after actress Marilyn Monroe. Here is one of the original animation cells. Note the bare back, and not exactly "modest"
  3. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Zeta Zemach wrote: I knew that I would get these kind of angry reactions. So, why did you post it? Ah yes, just like the rest of your posts.. to get attention. Uhmm yes -you're absolutely right...that's it. I'm craving for attention
  4. I knew that I would get these kind of angry reactions. My point is that female bodyimage in SL in general is stereotyped and gives the impression that: (and I'm repeating myself) women are always avaible, cute and sexy. I don't mind people looking sexy -and I don't think avatars should dress like amish, this is NOT my point. -what I'm looking for is diversity. It's almost like sexiness is the norm in SL -Occasionally I'm contacted by men who wants to offer me a more sexy avatar. As for having A rated content turned on -it gives me the opportunity to participate in events or go to clubs. B
  5. What makes me angry is the underlying message: that women are always cute, sexy and horny -and even rapable. I'm perfectectly aware that this is roleplay, but it doesn't make me less appalled -does it have to be on the welcome screen? I'm reacting against the general perception of women in SL, but hey sex sells.
  6. These are the first images I saw when I opened Second Life today. It makes me sad and -yes angry. Is this really the image Second Life wants?
  7. To some extend I think the western world has become more sexualized -young women are unhappy with their (normal) breastsize and body hair seems to have mystically dissapeared from the surface of the earth. I think the easy access to online pornography has changed young peoples body image. I'm not going to lecture here -I don't think it's all black and white. 50 years ago women were categorized as stereotypes -being either a Jackie or a Marylin. Today, young people switch identities and explore their sexuality. There is (in the western world) a new openess towards sexuality and our perception
  8. I'm sorry -but that is the most silly argument I have heard for a really long time. I'm not even sure why I bother react to this... I remember when I was a young woman -Being pretty, I got hit on quite often and most of the time I found it annoying and exhausting. I have also been exposed to sexual harassment from coworkers several times -even when I dressed in comely clothes. So what is your point? That a woman who wears a dress has to put up with sexual harassment?According to you -young women should wear a burka if they don't want to be hit on? Really?
  9. Bly me, Freud knew about SL? :smileywink: Thank you all, for your interesting replies to this topic!! I started this thread months ago because I was frustrated with SL-it made me depressed and I was about to leave for good. When I originally came to SL (6 years ago), it was a place to explore virtual worlds and share knowledge - and a place to hang out with your friends. I left SL after a few months and 4 years later I returned. It seemed that the "clientele" had completely changed. My avatar doesn't look sexually provocative -and yet I constantly got IMs from creepy, silent guys (with empty
  10. Moonie Ghanduhar wrote: Most poeple who are new here use is as an excuse to make other people hate this game.. but no its not true... Im a manager,dj,model and a photographer in this game , i have many friends... but yes... sometimes i like havin fun too ... but its not all about sex =) Umm, why would they do that? I'm merely expressing my frustration being a female avatar in SL I don't think I'm the only one. I have been asked for slex in sims where slex wasn't allowed, and I have often been defriended when men found out that I was serious about not having slex or relationships. I got
  11. @Tarina: Sure, If you look overly sexy on your profile photo sooner or later you will be contacted by creepy guys. However this wasn't the case. I''m nice looking. More Meryl Streep-ish than Pamela Anderson -actually I have never had a cleavage LOL. Being pretty is not an invitation for sex. I have had my share of sexual harassment during my RL career. I learned very quickly not to smile to much, not to flirt and to dress down. I always try to look my best wether I'm going to a business meeting or seing friends. What I'm trying to say is that as a woman you always have to find that balance b
  12. @Rybus Zuhal: I dont think you have to feel superior or more succesful because you dont find SLex in particularly interesting. However I cant help thinking that Slex, SL marriages and virtual babies are weird -I think most people do. But I respect other peoples right to want these things. However there is nothing wrong in wishing there were more interllectual activities in Sl -and less Slex.
  13. @Dana: It didn't take a long time for me to realize that I had to be very specific in my profile. But rewriting my profile didn't hold the guys back. As for my portrait : yes I was naive -I had no idea that having my RL portrait on my profile was an invitation. And yes I found out that SL is over flooded with weirdos. Live and learn. I don't think that there was anything in my behavior that led men on. I have always been told that my flirting-skills are terrible -but I guess people see what they want to see... But I do ask myself wether I really want to be in a place where I constantly ha
  14. @jwenting: You prove my point -maybe SL is developing into a sex playground and the users who aren't interested in slex (or a partner) feels alienated and finally leaves SL. At least thats my own experience. It's kind of an opposite world.
  15. @Thanks Hippie: I might accept your generous offer -I just need a little more time in my life @Tari: I agree -However I have tried to find sims that match my RL interests -and there were no one there LOL. People seems to gather in sims that has a romantic or sexual concept. I think this is an interesting debate -and definitely not a new subject. From the comments I got I see there are different perspectives on the matter My whole point is to question wether the contact you have with people in SL, eventually is expected to end up in relationships and/or slex. Personally I would like to t
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