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  1. This is an issue I've had since I started SL, going through the standard viewer, phoenix, and firestorm. Whenever I see someone using an mesh or sculpted avatar that uses scripts to stretch out or shrink down the body to work with the sculpt or mesh parts covering it (1st act lycan, petite, etc etc.). There is about 50/50 chance they don't show up the correct way. Small petite avatars showing as stretched out stick figures, and large avatars being shrunk shrunk into disfigured versions of themselves. If I relog or leave the sim for a few minutes and come back the random roll of who's gonna look right and not starts over. Avatars who showed correctly last time I was there may or may not work now. And same with the one who weren't working.
  2. Haha, thank you. You'd think with those instructions I should been able to get it right, but no. The walking part works fine. But the problem is that I want the animation constantly, standing, sitting, walking, running. And this script seems to cancel out my other one that worked for standing and sitting. So how can I get it to work in the way to always run the animation?
  3. The brute force one does sound more simple in the sense that I'd just need one script. But any idea what such a script would be called so I know what to search for? Ps, really don't understand anything how the script works when looking inside them. So I might need pretty dumbed down instructions.
  4. Great! The only remotelly linked search results I found to the problem were all years old. Can certainly live with it for a few more weeks. Thank you.
  5. Hello, I'm trying to find a script that lets an animation placed in an object continue to play when walking. Right now I have different types of weapons with a script and a priority 4 animation in them that lets the priority 4 animation override the stand animations in my AOs. Since the priority 4 animation in the item just animates part of the body, the rest of the body follows the stand animations in the AO as I want. My problem is that whenever I walk, the walk animation in the AO completely runs over the priority 4 animations in the item. Is there any way I can get the same type of result when walking as when standing still? To let the the priority 4 animation in my worn item to keep control of the limbs it animates, and have the rest of the body follow the walk animation. PS, I have absolutely no idea how to script. So I've been unable to properly search for a solution.
  6. Haha, that was it. An evil space hidden somewhere. Thanks.
  7. I don't think that can be it. Added lots of other animations at the same time as my first attempt, both sit and other ones. And like I said, the only one showing any kind of problem was that one sit animation. Even after double checking that I got the name right Placing it in another order for the sit animations Changing the name and double checking that I got the new name right Adding more animations to see if the whole thing had broken down. It's just that one damn animation messing around... No matter what I do with it. Nothing works. Gonna have to try and make a new version of it from scratch and upload it to SL. Edit: Is it possible the AO plays default sit instead if I set priority of the animation too low when it was made?
  8. It does, and all other sit animations are working, including the ones I added myself. I can't make any sense out of why the AO can't play just this one animation but anything else. Edit: The whole thing seem so simple. Draw the animation into the AO, change the notecard for the AO, reload the notecard. Since I've tried half a dozen times I'm positive nothing can have gone wrong in those basic steps. It's like the animation itself becomes bugged when combined with that AO.
  9. Nope, it was named something else. I also tried changing the name once, but didn't work either. But what you said is what happens. SL plays the default sit animation whenever I try to use it. Even though when I try the animation from my inventory, it works fine.
  10. Hi, I bought a new AO and decided to add some of the old animations I used in my previous one. It all went smooth except for a sit animation that I made myself. Whenever I try to play that one nothing happens. I'm completely clueless why just that specific one is showing problems. I tried to redo the process, adding it to the notecard the AO uses, making sure the animation itself is in the AO. But with no different result. Since I've done it over and over several times to make sure I did it right, I can't figure out why that one animation won't be played by the AO, while all the others I added works just fine. I'm hoping someone has seen this happen before and know what might be wrong
  11. Oh, that's even better. Already using phoenix and rather not change it. So as a little follow up question(even if in the wrong forum part) Think it's possible to make a script that for example changes that Z modifier from 0 to -0.5 on and off with a click on a prim placed on the screen? Not necessarily asking for that script. Just asking if it can be done. Oh, and on a third note... I assume the changes I get when changing the Z modifier is also seen by others even not using phoenix?
  12. Right, this is something I saw mirco avatars use. So wonder if it can be done on a normal avatar. What I wonder is if I can create an animation that only adjusts my characters height position. One that I can use to move my avatar up or down while sitting on a pose or the ground. Without it otherwise twisting the pose already playing or moving it sideways. So, simply. Can it be done? And if so, how will I do it?
  13. When I tried the whole body animation was saved even though I made no change in it. But I'll try blender instead, thanks. Edit: Nevermind. You were absolutely right. It only affect the part I had edited. Only not in prewiew. Won't do the mistake again.
  14. So what I'm trying to do is make an animation or pose that only affects my arm but overrides any other AO I may use so the arm stays in position when I walk/sit/run/whatever. My problem is that I only know how to do poses in QAnimator that affects the entire body. So if someone could point me out to a guide how to or explain it to me. It would be most appreciated.
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