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  1. Trans guy here! Always up for expanding my network. Feel free to contact me anytime. -Del
  2. I just wanted to say thank you to all of the ladies who have reached out to me both via e-mail and inworld. The responses have been very encouraging and I look forward to getting to know you. Once again, thanks for taking time out of your day. -Del
  3. Friends with benefits is all people see when they read my original post? I suppose I wasn't clear enough in my intentions. As I said, I'm looking for female companionship. No more. No less. I want to spend what few hours a week I have on SL with a fun, adventurous woman to do different activities with. That doesn't mean I simply just want to have a benefits only kind of deal. I simply don't dedicate enough time or energy to learning about SL so it would be nice to meet someone who knows the more detailed intricacies of navigating around. All of that with someone who is open minded. Furthermore, when a woman posts on these forums that she wants a sugar daddy all of the following responses are nothing but praise for her ability to ask for such a thing. A guy asks for companionship and he gets tore down for being a supposed user. There isn't much logic in that. Shall we try again?
  4. Actually, I'm interested. Connect with me sometime in world to see if we click and we can go from there. Take care! -Del
  5. First of all, thanks for taking the time to read this! I'm 28 years old, sane, and a mild mannered guy looking to get out more on SL. I'm from the south (United States), though I'm not your typical southerner I do have the charm and gentlemanly qualities a woman might expect. I'm looking for a woman (i.e. 21 and older in RL) to spend time with on SL. I do have a preference for older women but this isn't a requirement. Spending time together includes a large spectrum of activities from shopping, wandering through new cities, helping me decorate my home, going out dancing, lots of conversation, hanging out the beach, role playing, to adult playtime and whatever else there is to do here that interests you as well. Bilingual speakers (Spanish and/or Italian) are a plus, as I like to enhance my language skills. And please, by all means, have a proper and firm grasp of the English lanuage. Things You Should Know and Be Alright With: 1. I'm not looking for commitment or a relationship. Just a primary (or a few primaries) to spend time with and have some fun on SL. No more than that. 2. I have many female friends on SL that I enjoy spending time with. Therefore, you should expect to spend some time with them too. Jealousy will not be tolerated nor reciprocated. I'm happy to spend time your friends as well. 3. I have many friends from all walks of life, including GLBTQ people, friends of many faiths, as well as different nationalities and ethnicities. In other words, if you are close minded or a bigot of some variety then don't waste my time or yours. 4. I only get on SL a few hours a week so your schedule should fit mine. I'm mostly on SL in the evenings around 8:00 p.m.- 11:00 p.m. on American eastern time. I'm also on a couple hours in the morning on weekends from 8:00-10:00 a.m. 5. Lastly, there will be no monetary compensation for this arrangement, though I will give you gifts and treat you well if we get along. Shopping sprees and other gifts of your choosing will come your way if you put in some time with me. Thanks and I look forward to all of your responses! -Del
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