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  1. YAY!! i voluntered to play at SL8B and i got choosen to do my little tricks there!! On 22nd of June from 10AM SLT till 12 PM SLT i will do some trance music with some of the best magic songs ;) I will Make sure to write down the playlist so afterwards when it is done i will alos set it for download ;) (i will try to record it on a other pc, if this fails i will redo the set and record) Please come join us on the 22nd of June!! greetings DJ Bomba!!
  2. i ussually just open the map zoom all teh way out and click on a random place with my eyes closed. Yes often i end up in someones backyard but sometimes i also end up in wonderfull places if it is really the effort i make LM and go back later lol
  3. just put a black box over it right now till it is resolved?? and report it to LL
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